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Mother Earth Father Sky

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1 Mother Earth Father Sky
Making Scents to change our ways

2 The Secret Life of Plants
Tompkins and Bird_1973/89 Plants are sentient and intelligent They are connected to all naturally occurring environmental effects: sun, water, wind, lightening, seasons…. And those caused by man: pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, chem-trails…. Each effect on a plant ….Is an effect on us. Secrets of the Soil _1998

3 We are part of a symbiotic relationship of:
Oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, carbon, minerals, nutrients, “life-blood” and constant flow of energy! We can not sustain the current disconnect and poison to our planet, ….her soil ….and our souls ….and Source of energy we all share. We can not heal without honoring this relationship. Our current path is unsustainable.

4 We Lost Touch with Nature
Walking barefoot Breathing clean air Drinking pure water Eating real food Treating our body’s with respect Trusting our inner voice

5 Current Scientific Evidence
Our choices are more powerful than our inherited DNA Epigenetics proves Nurturing our bodies can change the Nature of our genetics Family Dis-ease is a blueprint we can influence and reconstruct. Dis-ease is often a choice based on a pattern we agree to

6 Current Health Care Unaffordable and unsustainable
Each generation is sinking further from reality and deeper into debt We are what we eat! (Adelle Davis) Reducing health care costs is not going to come from the bureaucracy that created it

7 The Oldest Form of Medicine

8 Ancient Knowledge Oils are 100-1,000 times more powerful than fresh or dried herbs, tinctures and even FOOD! Essential oils are the aromatic, volatile liquids extracted through a distillation process from flowers, herbs, seeds, leaves, stems, bark, and roots of shrubs and trees that contain the “life force energy” in a concentrated form. Essential oils pre-date ancient Egypt. Pharaohs were entombed with their gold, jewels and precious oils. Hippocrates fumigated a city to stop an epidemic.

9 Knowledge Suppressed The harsher the soil – the more potent the oil
What stresses plants in nature, transfers to their potency for survival Viruses and bacteria can not outsmart plant-based medicine. Hundreds+ of chemical constituents are far more complex than the single or limited extractions for drug-based medicine.

10 Aromatherapy’s Power Of the 5 senses ~ the sense of smell is 1,000x more powerful ~ with a direct line to the center of your brain! The brain’s ability to sort out the complex chemicals of an odor is immediate! Fear: fire, decay, body odor Safety: bread, vanilla, family, home, tribal Physical reactions: citrus/salivate, cinnamon/blood, sugar/insects…. attraction to partners Emotional: safety, confidence, creativity Illness: body odor, imbalanced acids, feces

11 We are effected by the vibrational Essence of Every Plant

12 Electromagnetic Frequencies
Human Brain 72-90 Human Body 62-68 Cold/Flu Candida 55 MHz Auto-immune 52 MHz Cancer 42 MHz Death begins 25 MHz Processed food 0 Fresh produce 1-15 Dry herbs Fresh herbs Essential oils…

13 Chemistry Basics All Essential oils are anti-microbial (self-protecting) One oil may contain thousands of constituents with specific actions we respond to… Aldehydes, Ketones, Esters, Sesquiterpenes, Phenols, Monoterpenols, Oxides, Monoterpenes, Sesquiterpenols When an EO does not perform (with a predicted chemical behavior), it is still behaving as it is meant to behave. *Quantum= it adjusts to your frequency! Chemical profiles left intact ~guarantee efficacy Soil, seed, harvest, distillation, handling, bottling Left whole - the body responds wholly Separated – creates an unknown form (man-made)

14 Therapeutic Value Organic and naturally occurring in its environment or adapted to its environment Seed and Source identification Historical documentation, source identity, native plant seed certification, environmental influences Harvested and handled correctly Brix test: optimum sugar content or fermentation Distilled correctly: temperature, pressure, timing, cleaning, non-contaminated Laboratory tested (5 sources/GC 100) Bottled, stored and guaranteed (no expiration)

15 Spring-fed source of water. Soil with organic history.
Lavender fields at the Young Living Farm in Mona Utah

16 Lavender Lavender Research Improved sleep cycle
Improved cognitive ability & mood Reduced blood pressure Reduced depression - increased beta waves All skin issues

17 Lemon

18 Citrus Oils Research on d-limonene Effective against cancer
Diffusing citrus normalized hormones, immune function and was more effective than antidepressants Diffusing lemon oil healed a chronic open wound in elderly subject Calming for children Caution for UV exposure (citrus oils)

19 Peppermint Peppermint

20 Peppermint Peppermint research Increased glutathione after radiation
Glutathione is the most important antioxidant enzyme found in the body (produced by the pituitary) Reduced tension headache Reduced irritation Increased focus, memory & cognitive function Increased athletic performance, productivity, speed and accuracy Digestive issues 1 drop of peppermint is equal to 26 cups of mint tea

21 Frankincense

22 Frankincense Frankincense “Boswellia sacra” Historical Medicine
DNA repair and cancer research Protects the nervous system Acts upon pathways that regulate emotions Reduces depression Skin healing properties Respiratory support Historical Medicine Ancient religious/cultural ceremonies Most prized aromatic gums/resins Given to the Christ child/royalty

23 Peace and Calming First choice for women’s stress
3 to 7 minutes to reach cell level Inhale for immediate relief Place over liver for anger/frustration Reduces the physical imprint of trauma and prolonged stress Anatomy of the Spirit _Carolyn Meiss

24 Thieves® Blend Cinnamon~ superior to antibiotics
Clove~ infection, flu, bronchitis, hepatitis Eucalyptus~ antifungal/inflammatory/bacteria Lemon~ meningitis, pneumonia, staph, mold Rosemary~ toxic mold, fungus, insects Each has an extensive research list…

25 Thieves: for Health & Home
#1 Essential Oil for public response Toothpaste for excellent oral hygiene Household Cleaner concentrated for all home projects and garden Foaming Hand Soap kills bad bacteria leaves healthy bacteria Waterless Purifier (portable/public)

26 Blends for daily life or emergency episodes:
Joy Purification Peace & Calming PanAway Valor (10 EveryDay Oils Kit) AromaLife DiGize DragonTime Forgiveness ImmuPower RC Trauma Life

27 Cause and Effect Synthetic chemicals effect your mind, body, spirit, home…. All Life 80,000+ chemicals used in products – most are unregulated We were convinced that low doses were safe Yet there is obvious evidence they are harming humans and the earth A compromised brain can not make good choices in a complex world

28 The Secret Life of Oils My sacred belief…. “plant intelligence for our health and wellbeing belongs to ALL!” The healthier you become, the more you experience nature’s power = Your Power Acidic/emotional layers must be peeled Healing energy requires good nutrition The more you use Aromatherapy, the closer you will come to feeling these connections: plant>human>energy=Life!

29 Mitakuye oyasin “We are all related”
Lavender fields at the Young Living Farm in Mona Utah

30 Left Brain: (critics like credentials)
A.A.S. Graphic Design/Technical Emphasis Continuing education: 4 to 8 credits every other year CS6: InDesign/Photoshop/Illustrator/Dreamweaver Author, Publisher, Freelance Design, Technical Writing Certificates Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP) C.A.R.E. Raindrop/Vibrational Technique, VitaFlex Chemistry of EOs and Aromatherapy Reiki Master • Healing Touch • Quantum Biofeedback Microsoft Office and QuickBooks Non-credit Elected Studies Artist, Sculptor, Poet, Writer Organic gardener/North American Prairie-Restoration Nutrition/Preservation/Whole Food Master 12 years of wellness research and education

31 Right Brain: imagination can’t be measured on a brain scan!

32 Character: can’t be measured by academic credentials!

33 Life Skills: can’t be framed like a diploma!

34 Business Models -perception
An MLM is not a pyramid or a scheme All other business models are pyramids! Academia, Real Estate, Corporate, Govt…. MLMs support independent success that shares a pool of revenue, open to all people You do not need a degree or permission to advance Network marketing is taught at Harvard as the fastest growing business model to achieve personal and financial success built in investment and retirement plan: your work transfers as an inheritance to your children Young Living offers wellness, purpose and abundance as a lifestyle option

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