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Lorne Park Secondary School Grade 10 Option Selection

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1 Lorne Park Secondary School Grade 10 Option Selection 2015-2016

2 GETTING STARTED Use to plan and research course selections offered. Talk to your teacher or counsellor if you need more information.


4 Review of OSSD Requirements
O.S.S. Diploma Requirements 30 Credits (18 Compulsory, 12 Optional) 40 Hours of Community Involvement Successful completion of the Literacy Test

5 Compulsory Credit Requirements
4 English 3 Math 2 Science 1 Arts 1 Canadian Geography 1 Canadian History 1/2 Career Studies 1/2 Civics 1 French 1 Health and Phys. Ed. Group 1 An additional credit in: Canadian & World Studies, English, Social Science, A Second Language, Guidance, or Co-op Group 2 An additional credit in: Art, Business, Phys.Ed, A Second Language or Co-op Group 3 An additional credit in: Science (grade 11/12), Technological Education, Computer Studies, A Second Language or Co-op


7 Types of Courses - Pathways
U University Preparation Courses (previous academic stream) Designed to meet entrance requirements for university programs i.e. ENG3U0 and ENG4U0 Larger class sizes More theoretical Faster pace More suitable for independent learner C College Preparation Courses (previous applied stream) Designed to meet the requirements for college programs i.e. ENG3C0 and ENG4C0 Smaller class sizes More hands-on activities real-life applications

8 Types of Courses –Pathways (continued)
M University/College Preparation Courses Designed to prepare students to meet the entrance requirements for both university and college programs (AWQ3M0 and TGJ3M0) O Open Level Courses Appropriate for all students Usually elective courses (PAL3OM or CGG3O0) Can use for college admission E Workplace Preparation Courses Appropriate for students entering the workplace only (MEL3E0 and MEL4E0)

9 University Pathway Students need six grade 12 U or M level courses to qualify for general university admission. Specific courses or prerequisites will vary depending on the university program Examples: ENG4U0 or BOH4M0 Students should investigate grade 12 course prerequisites before selecting grade 11 courses Examples: SBI3U0 for SBI4U0 Research now: or Attend university presentations in lecture hall Gather university guide books (in guidance) and check websites Visit the universities

10 College Pathway Students need six grade 11 and 12 courses offered at the open (O), college (C), university/college level (M), or university (U) for diplomas or certificates. College degrees require six grade 12 U or M courses Marks of 65% or higher are typically required for admission. Each program varies. May also require additional admission information, such as a portfolio, interview or an audition Do the research now or Visit the colleges, gather guide books (in guidance). Visit the presentations at Lorne Park during lunch in the lecture hall

11 College and University Info
Individual college sites University Individual university sites

12 Math Pathways

13 * SCH3U0 - if planning to take SBI4U0
Science Courses Pre-requisite Grade 10 Grade 11 Courses Grade 12 Recommended Course SNC2D0 SBI3U0/E SCH 3U0/E SPH3U0/E SVN3M0 SBI4U0/E SCH 4U0 SPH4U0 N/A * SCH3U0 - if planning to take SBI4U0 SNC2P0 SBI3C0

14 Specialized Programs Enhanced Program *
Grade 11 Requirements – Must select at least one course offered at the enhanced level, example ENG3UE (students need a total of 10 courses for the Enhanced Certificate) Extended French Program * Grade 11 Requirements – Must take FEF3U0 and HSP3UX or CHW3MX (students need a total of 7 courses for the Extended French Certificate) * Must already be in program to select these course(s)

15 Sports Specialist High Skills Major
Program that focuses on a Sports related career while earning an OSSD. Students start in Grade 11. Special Features Certificates/Training (CPR/First Aid, AED, WHMIS…) Experiential learning (job shadow & 2 credit co-op) Experience post secondary opportunities (lectures, tours, labs…) Supports all Pathways University, College, Workplace, Apprenticeship Bundled Credits 9 courses (sports related courses or activities) See Counsellor for course information

16 Cooperative Education
To select 4 credit co-op, choose course code COP4XC and submit a separate application (available in guidance or online) to the co-op teacher. Earn up to four credits at work placement. Authentic experience for all students (College, University, Apprenticeship - Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program or OYAP). Credits can be used for college admission.

17 Changing Levels Students requiring a level change (i.e. ENG2D0 to ENG3C0) are advised to make an appointment with their Guidance Counsellor to review requirements for potential post secondary pathways.

18 Choosing Your Courses Research all of your options carefully
Talk to teachers who teach the course Attend our Course Selection Fair November 21 (periods 1 & 2) Talk to students who have taken the course Get information regarding workload and the type of projects you will do (any presentations or group work?) Select courses in which you’re likely to experience success Have a back-up plan Pay attention to post-secondary program requirements


20 Accessing the Online Course Selection Program
Course Selection will be done through (same as last year). Link is on LPSS website. Access to the On-line Course Selection will be available to students on November 21 at 11:30 and will close on December 3, 2014. All students must have a myBlueprint account.


22 Login to
Login here using your address and password. Are you a new user or having trouble logging in? Please see your Guidance Counsellor.



25 Submitting Your Courses – part 1
A plan that meets all graduation requirements will result in the checkmark shown. Submit your plan by clicking ‘Submit’ Note: Only your next year grade courses will be submitted even if multiple years have been planned. 2 1

26 Submitting Your Courses – part 2
Submit your courses by clicking ‘Confirm and Print’. A pop-up window may appear, click ‘OK’ to finalize the submission of your plan. Note: Be sure to review your course selections as you will not be able to change your selections in myBlueprint once submitted. 1 2


28 Confirming Your Choices
Students will press SUBMIT and print their Course Selection. Parents will review courses and sign the form. Return the signed Course Selection form to the homeroom teacher by December 4, 2014

29 Course Changes Changed your mind? Changes may be made anytime before June 1st. Must meet with your guidance counsellor for any time table changes. Changes will be permitted based on course availability (master timetable is set) "Change of mind" changes will not be done in September

30 Courses Taken Outside LPSS
It is recommended that you do not select a course for which you plan to take outside of LPSS.

31 Career Planning Assessments

32 TRUE OR FALSE Unless you take all academic level courses you cannot go to university! FALSE – Universities require a minimum of 6 grade 12 U or M courses – they do not care if you have additional college or workplace courses Taking college level math or not taking math in grade 12 means you cannot go to college or university! FALSE – Research pre-requisites for university and college: not all programs require grade 12 math

33 TRUE OR FALSE High School must be completed in four years to be considered for post-secondary programs FALSE – Lorne Park students may return for an additional semester (5th year) if they wish to take more courses or are unsure their pathway. Post- secondary institutions DO NOT care if you stay in high school an extra semester

34 QUESTIONS or NEED HELP? just ask…
Drop in the counselling office at lunch or make an appointment

35 Questions

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