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Time and Stress Management/Organization Skills

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1 Time and Stress Management/Organization Skills
Chapter 3 Time and Stress Management/Organization Skills

2 “We must use time as a tool, not as a crutch.”
John F. Kennedy

3 OBJECTIVES Describe how stress impacts workplace performance
Identify the causes of stress, and name methods of dealing with stress Deal with procrastination in a productive manner Apply time-management techniques in the workplace Define the importance of organizing for optimal performance Apply organizational techniques in the workplace

Stress: the body’s reaction to a tense situation Stress will affect work performance Stress in the workplace will carry on to your personal life Stress-related losses cost organizations billions of dollars annually

5 TALK IT OUT How can stress from school impact other areas of your life?

6 TYPES OF STRESS Positive stress: a productive type of stress that provides strength to accomplish a task Can become negative Negative stress: a type of stress that results in you becoming emotional, illogical, or in you losing control of your temper Can cause anger, depression, distrust, fatigue, changes in appetite, and/or physical weakness

7 TALK IT OUT What are common negative stressors students face and what are positive responses?

8 DEALING WITH STRESS Steps to Assist in Dealing with Stress
Identify the stressor Recognize why and how you are reacting to the stressor Visualize and set goals Practice positive stress relief

9 DEALING WITH STRESS Stress Relievers
Find an outlet to release tension Diminish (or ideally eliminate) the use of alcohol and/or drugs Do not become emotional Get organized Create and maintain a support network Make time for yourself and learn to relax Eat a balanced diet and get plenty of sleep Develop realistic goals

10 DEALING WITH STRESS Specific Stress Relievers
Enjoy leisure time Listen to music Relax Meditate and do deep breathing exercises Use positive visualization

Surround yourself with positive people Take time outside of work to relax Do not bring your troubles home Use employer resources if available (Employee Assistance Program, EAP)

12 What are ways you relieve stress?
TALK IT OUT What are ways you relieve stress?

13 DEALING WITH STRESS Diet and exercise help manage stress Job burnout
Maintain a healthy diet which includes breakfast Increase physical activity Job burnout A form of extreme stress where you lack motivation and no longer the desire to work Tardiness, absence, complaining, lack of quality

14 Time management: how you manage your time
Use your time efficiently Make a plan Set priorities and get organized Do not wait until last minute and rush through a job; complete it correctly the first time

15 TIME MANAGEMENT Make a list of tasks for each day and prioritize this list Keep a calendar handy at all times Organize your work area Practice a one-touch policy Avoid time wasters Set time aside each day to address all communication at once Do not be afraid to ask for help

16 Procrastination is a poor habit Reasons for procrastination
TIME MANAGEMENT Procrastination is a poor habit Reasons for procrastination Fear of failure Perfectionism Disorganization Not wanting to perform a task Overcome procrastination Visualize the completed task Make a plan for completing the task

17 Sometimes you need to say “NO”
TIME MANAGEMENT Sometimes you need to say “NO” If you have time, help If you do not have time, decline the project Be polite

18 TALK IT OUT How can you apply what you just learned regarding time management to your school performance?

Being organized will Optimize performance Allow good use of your time Reduce stress

20 ORGANIZING and PERFORMANCE Ways to Get Organized
Take inventory Place items where they are required Avoid piles and miscellaneous folders Return a used item to its appropriate area Routinely de-clutter

21 ORGANIZING and PERFORMANCE Other Organization Tools
Use a calendar Keep an address book Check and answer messages at regular intervals Break large tasks into smaller tasks Keep work space clutter-free Shred confidential material once a day Manage files (paper and electronic) Handle mail in an organized manner

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