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MetBaTS - Restricted 1 SO18 Aviation Security Armed Robbery Personal Safety Training Metropolitan Police Service - January 2006.

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1 MetBaTS - Restricted 1 SO18 Aviation Security Armed Robbery Personal Safety Training Metropolitan Police Service - January 2006

2 MetBaTS - Restricted 2 SO18 Aviation Security The Airfreight Industry Minimum Security Standards (AIMSS) requires that companies provide some form of security training for their staff. This presentation is intended to introduce managers, trainers and staff to: What to do to reduce the risk of a robbery Actions to take during a robbery Post event actions AIMSS

3 MetBaTS - Restricted 3 SO18 Aviation Security What is the risk? The airfreight industry handles millions of pounds worth of goods every day. The higher the value or commercial desirability of the goods the more attractive they are to criminals. You work in an environment where there is always an element of risk.

4 MetBaTS - Restricted 4 SO18 Aviation Security Measures to Reduce the Risk Airfreight Crime in the United Kingdom has been reduced. The efforts of Operation Grafton and other cargo and transport related initiatives have increased the risk to the criminal of being caught.

5 MetBaTS - Restricted 5 SO18 Aviation Security SOME FACTS AND FIGURE

6 MetBaTS - Restricted 6 SO18 Aviation Security What can you do? Security is the responsibility of everyone and should be seen as an everyday component part of your job. Enhance your security Be ALERT Be OBSERVANT Act RESPONSIBLY

7 MetBaTS - Restricted 7 SO18 Aviation Security Reducing the Risk Be Alert You are the best person to identify potential problems in your area. Being aware of your surroundings is a good starting point. Report anything suspicious What is suspicious? Simple, if you believe it is suspicious then it is. Professional Image The image presented by a company can influence the decision to target that company.

8 MetBaTS - Restricted 8 SO18 Aviation Security For these reasons it is important to frustrate their planning and organisation. This can be achieved through; Physical security Security procedures and policies Avoiding routine Reducing the Opportunity Criminals who target the freight industry tend to be organised and invest time and effort into any planning and preparation.

9 MetBaTS - Restricted 9 SO18 Aviation Security The Risk of Routine Routine is a gift to the criminal. Having the same opening time, banking on the same day at the same time, always closing at the same time are all elements that can be reduced. Have a system for opening and entering the premises. Reception / Drivers Collection Area Procedure Avoid daily routine Have a system for closing premises

10 MetBaTS - Restricted 10 SO18 Aviation Security Donts and Does During a Robbery Remember criminals who commit robbery are DANGEROUS so DONT PANIC -stay in control DONT take risks DONT have a go DONT become involved but DO OBEY INSTRUCTIONS

11 MetBaTS - Restricted 11 SO18 Aviation Security Actions During a Robbery LOOKLISTENSMELL And remember TOUCH Use your Senses

12 MetBaTS - Restricted 12 SO18 Aviation Security Preserve the scene. Secure the premises and … DONT TOUCH ANYTHING. Phone police and notify your internal security/ duty manager. Stop trading Encourage witness to remain on site Write down your account Secure video evidence Post Event Actions

13 MetBaTS - Restricted 13 SO18 Aviation Security Follow up Actions The Victim Support Scheme is available to all. It is important to maintain a relationship with the investigating officer who can keep those involved appraised of the progress of the case. If the matter does go to Court witnesses will get further support from the investigating officer. Robbery is traumatic for all those involved.

14 MetBaTS - Restricted 14 SO18 Aviation Security Fortunately, armed robberies are rare and, with improved security and better investigative processes, becoming rarer. However, without your help, co-operation and commitment any initiative will struggle. It is important that everyone is aware of the security risks and takes measures to reduce those risks. Final Word The police and freight industry are working closer today than they have ever done. Remember, if you identify an area of vulnerability do something about it!

15 MetBaTS - Restricted 15 SO18 Aviation Security Any questions?

16 MetBaTS - Restricted 16 SO18 Aviation Security Prepared by: PC David Seckington ACIT (Cargo) SO18 - Aviation Security Heathrow Phone: Fax: With thanks to: Alan Townsend SCD7, Mark Beale SO18, Ian Nightingale SO18.

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