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KS1 Standard Assessment Tasks Parent and Carer Meeting Thursday 12 th February 2015 Whitley Abbey Primary School.

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1 KS1 Standard Assessment Tasks Parent and Carer Meeting Thursday 12 th February 2015 Whitley Abbey Primary School

2 What are SATs? SATs stands for Standard Assessment Tasks. These are national tasks set by the government. Children are required to sit these tasks when in Y2. The tasks are just one part of a range of assessments which have been carried out throughout your child’s time in KS1.

3 What subjects do the SATs cover? Your child will be tested in English and Maths. In English there is a Reading, Spelling and Writing test. In Maths there is a mental maths test and a written test. In Science we are required to assess the children, but this is done by class teachers rather than through formal testing.

4 When and how do the SATs take place? The school is required to administer SATs throughout May and June, and all schools in England will be carrying out SATs around this time, although there is NO set time. Your child should be in school promptly for this time, unless, of course, they are ill. We aim to make the SATs as non threatening as possible, the children will be in small groups for the tests or tasks. This year the SATs for Key stage 1 will take place during the week commencing 15 th June 2015

5 English – Reading & Spelling The reading test is split into 2 tests. Level 2 or Level 3. Your child’s class teacher will decide which test your child will take. Most of the children in Year 2 will take the test but some children will complete a reading task with the class teacher for various reasons. All children take a spelling test, which includes writing individual words and completing a spelling dictation.

6 English - Writing All children in Year 2 undertake 2 writing tasks. One is a short task lasting about 30 minutes and the other a longer task lasting up to an hour. The class teacher introduces each task, and discusses ideas with the children before the children are asked to write independently (very similar to an ordinary Friday writing session)

7 Maths The maths test is split into two tests; Level 2 and Level 3. The teacher will decide which test is the most appropriate based on teacher assessments carried out throughout the year. Most children will take one of these tests, but some children will take complete a maths task with the class teacher (for various reasons) The maths tests are split into two parts – a mental a maths test lasting about 10 minutes and then a written test. Children are allowed up to an hour to complete the whole test. The children are allowed some equipment to help them with the Level 2 test e.g. a ruler, hundred square and mirror.

8 Don’t Panic! Whilst SATs are statutory, we have been and will continue to assess your child’s progress throughout the year. This means that the scores that your child achieves in the SATs are just one part of the assessment process. Your child’s final end of year levels are determined by the teacher and not the tests alone!

9 Big Maths, Beat That One of the ways we assess children’s mental maths skills is with a weekly Beat That test. Children are encouraged to set their own targets so they know how to improve. Let’s have a go!

10 What do the SATS results mean? The SATs results give a ‘level’ for your child. The levels your child can attain a the end of KS1 are Level 1 Level 2c Level 2b Nationally this level is what an average child is expected to achieve at Y2. Level 2a Level 3 A child achieving this level is above the national average.

11 Finally… Children find the testing period quite tiring (and testing!) and for this reason we will not be setting any homework, except reading during the majority of May and June. We will be sending home a few practice papers during the Easter holidays and light tasks after Easter to help your child prepare for SATs. We’d like to encourage you to spend some time doing a few fun things together with your child, when the SATs are taking place. We want the children to be rested and happy when they come to school!

12 Any Questions? There are a range of SATs papers and questions around the room for you to read. We hope this will give you an idea of what the SATs involve. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me. Thank you for coming!

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