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Oil Field Manager ~ Presentation

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1 Oil Field Manager ~ Presentation
OFM helps engineers manage more wells effectively in less time 17 April 2017

2 Data Organisation in OFM
All data stored in relational database. Since OFM 2000, OFM uses Microsoft Access for data storage. Links to other databases possible via ODBC: Permanent download to Access. Live link to external database (no data duplication). OFM Access DB External Database

3 Data Input Levels in OFM
Field Master Table is used to set the project key. Corresponds to the lowest level at which data is available (usually either Completion or Wellbore). Other well information may be included (well co-ordinates etc). Wellbore Completion Completion

4 Base Map

5 Base Map

6 Filtering Capabilities In OFM

7 Sample Production Plots

8 Sample Production Plots

9 Sample Production Plots

10 Basic Production Plot Productivity decrease drastically as soon as the water hit the well: AL?, Emulsion problems? Scale? Fines migration?

11 DCA in OFM

12 Bubble Maps In OFM ~ Monthly Production

13 Sample Bubble Maps

14 Sample Bubble Maps

15 Sample Bubble Maps

16 Sample Bubble Maps Lesson 3.4

17 Sample Bubble Maps Sample Bubble Maps

18 Sample Bubble Maps

19 Sample Bubble Maps

20 OOIP and grid map in OFM OFM can calculate the original-oil/gas-in-place for reservoirs. This technique uses the volumetric equation and grid arithmetic.   Boi gridmap Swi h A N ) )( 1 ( * - = f

21 OOIP and grid map in OFM

22 OOIP and grid map in OFM * * = Boi

23 Normalized Mapping – (OOIP-Np) Map
Area of low recovery efficiency – workover potential exist? Area of over recovery efficiency – Potential additional pay presents ?

24 Basic Production Maps Best gas well
Zones with very low recovery of gas Undrained zones? Potential for new wells? Stimulation opportunities?

25 Production Heterogeneity Index
Heterogeneity indexing is - Comparing individual wells to the average of a well group A fast way to identify over- and underperforming wells, best completion practices etc.

26 Desired results and interpretation

27 Re - perforation Analysis
Due to different perforation techniques, some wells experienced problems Underbalanced perforating (through tubing) may not have achieved full penetration Cumulative liquid produced per perf foot is a technique to evaluate perforation productivity Grid map/bubble map results

28 Damage Indicator Formation damage analysis Simple damage analysis
Formation Damage Index (FDI) Grid map Pressure transient is preferred for calculating skin Treatment = acidize well to remove damage The numerator is the ability of well to produce. The denominator is the storage capacity of reservoir to deliver. If a well has formation damage problems, then it will produce at a low rate even though the formation has a high storage capacity to deliver. Hence the formation damage index will be a low value.

29 Decline Curve Analyses Equations
Exponential Decline Conversions (where b = 0) Hyperbolic Decline Conversions (where 0 < b < 1) Harmonic Decline Conversions (where b = 1)

30 DCA in OFM Potential zones with high Reserves

31 Volumetric Drainage Radius Estimation
Visual representation of the drainage area per well in the reservoir. Areas not being drained by wells are quickly identified visually with bubble mapping

32 Technical Discussion Volumetric Drainage radius (rev) calculation
Literally, the volume occupied by the produced fluid at reservoir conditions Assume uniform pressure reservoir Volumetric method Drainage radius for Np and EUR Additional variable can be displayed with drainage radius to provide insight of reservoir performance This assumption is quite valid during the early day of production. At this point in time, Bfield has been produced for 2 years. Since the wells is less likely to interfere each other in this early production life, infinite acting model is acceptable.

33 Volumetric Drainage Radius Example
Undeveloped spots Drainage Radius at Np Drainage Radius at EUR

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