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3-March-06ILCSC Technical Highights1 ILC Technical Highlights Superconducting RF Main Linac.

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1 3-March-06ILCSC Technical Highights1 ILC Technical Highlights Superconducting RF Main Linac

2 3-March-06ILCSC Technical Highights2 Parametric Approach A working space - optimize machine for cost/performance

3 3-March-06ILCSC Technical Highights3 The Baseline Machine (500GeV) not to scale ~30 km e+ undulator @ 150 GeV (~1.2km) x2 R = 955m E = 5 GeV RTML ~1.6km ML ~10km (G = 31.5MV/m) 20mr 2mr BDS 5km

4 3-March-06ILCSC Technical Highights4 Electron Source Positron-style room- temperature accelerating section diagnostics section standard ILC SCRF modules sub-harmonic bunchers + solenoids laser E=70-100 MeV DC Guns incorporating photocathode illuminated by a Ti: Sapphire drive laser. Long electron microbunches (~2 ns) are bunched in a bunching section Accelerated in a room temperature linac to about 100 MeV and SRF linac to 5 GeV.

5 3-March-06ILCSC Technical Highights5 Positron Source Primary e - source e - DR Target e - Dump Photon Beam Dump e + DR Auxiliary e - Source Photon Collimators Adiabatic Matching Device e + pre- accelerator ~5GeV 150 GeV100 GeV Helical Undulator In By-Pass Line Photon Target 250 GeV Positron Linac IP Beam Delivery System Keep Alive: This source would have all bunches filled to 10% of nominal intensity. Helical Undulator Based Positron Source with Keep Alive System

6 3-March-06ILCSC Technical Highights6 ILC Small Damping Ring Multi-Bunch Trains with inter-train gaps

7 3-March-06ILCSC Technical Highights7 ILC Damping Ring: Baseline Design Positrons: – Two rings of ~6 km circumference in a single tunnel. – Two rings are needed to reduce e- cloud effects unless significant progress can be made with mitigation techniques. – Preferred to 17 km dogbone due to: Space-charge effects Acceptance Tunnel layout (commissioning time, stray fields) Electrons: – One 6 km ring.

8 3-March-06ILCSC Technical Highights8 Main Linac: SRF Cavity Gradient Cavity type Qualified gradient Operational gradient Length*energy MV/m KmGeV initialTESLA3531.510.6250 upgradeLL4036.0+9.3500 * assuming 75% fill factor Total length of one 500 GeV linac  20km

9 3-March-06ILCSC Technical Highights9 Cavity: R&D Material R&D: Fine, Large, Single Crystal Fabrication –A number of minor modifications and improvements could be implemented without impact to the basic cavity design. Cavity Preparation Buffer Chemical Processing Cavity Processing (strong R&D needed) –Electro-polishing (EP) System –High Pressure Rinsing (HPR) –Assembly Procedure

10 3-March-06ILCSC Technical Highights10 Superconducting RF Cavities High Gradient Accelerator 35 MV/meter -- 40 km linear collider

11 3-March-06ILCSC Technical Highights11 Improved Processing Electropolishing Chemical Polish Electro Polish

12 3-March-06ILCSC Technical Highights12 Increase diameter beyond X-FEL Increase diameter beyond X-FEL Review 2-phase pipe size and effect of slope ILC Cryomodule

13 3-March-06ILCSC Technical Highights13 RF Power: Baseline Klystrons Thales CPI Toshiba Specification: 10MW MBK 1.5ms pulse 65% efficiency

14 3-March-06ILCSC Technical Highights14 ILC Beam Delivery System Baseline (supported, at the moment, by GDE exec) –two BDSs, 20/2mrad, 2 detectors, 2 longitudinally separated IR halls Alternative 1 –two BDSs, 20/2mrad, 2 detectors in single IR hall @ Z=0 Alternative 2 –single IR/BDS, collider hall long enough for two push-pull detectors

15 3-March-06ILCSC Technical Highights15 Large Scale 4  detectors with solenoidal magnetic fields. In order to take full advantage of the ILC ability to reconstruct, need to improve resolutions, tracking, etc by factor of two or three New techniques in calorimetry, granularity of readout etc being developed Detectors for the ILC

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