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CALL FOR HOSTING NAs 2009-2010 Advanced Training On Quality Add quality to your next youth exchange.

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1 CALL FOR HOSTING NAs 2009-2010 Advanced Training On Quality Add quality to your next youth exchange

2 A few figures... Initiated by NA FR & NA UK in 2004 14 TCs took place from 2004 till the end of 2008 9 NAs involved in 2004 to 31 NAs now 338 (very) satisfied participants An ATOQ trainers’ pool of 5 experienced trainers

3 Aim To offer methods and tools in non-formal learning in order to improve the QUALITY of future youth exchanges

4 Objectives To deepen knowledge, skills and attitudes in order to better set up a youth exchange To evaluate the youth workers’ previous international youth exchange experience and its impact on participants To reflect on the content of a youth exchange: intercultural learning, active participation of young people, impact, partnerships, evaluation and follow up To promote the concept of citizenship in a youth exchange To find ways how to use the methods learned in the daily reality and youth work in general ATOQ also provides an opportunity to meet possible partners to share good quality methods in future exchanges and spread the quality on to others

5 The Participants Profile  Voluntary and professional youth workers, working directly with youngsters  Experience as a team- member in, at least, 1 international youth exchange and plan to organise another  At least 18 years old  Good level of English The Group  Approx. 30 participants  Multilateral (min. 8 countries) The ATOQ trainers pool Each ATOQ is delivered by 3 trainers from the ATOQ pool: Clement Dupuis FR Elizabeth Kasa RO/EE Marta Piszczek PL Wim Vogelaere BE Sylvain Abrial FR

6 The programme ArrivalDAY 1DAY 2DAY 3DAY 4 Departure Breakfast Introduction Learning styles & competences Non formal education Active learning Europe & Youth in Action Practices & methods on citizenship in a youth exchange ICL & European citizenship : living together Reflection on energisers Active participation of young people Involvement of partners Risk analysis & risk management Simulation exercise: Stock Market on Quality Reflection in small groups on improving quality in exchanges Departure of participants Lunch Arrival of participants Preparation of organisation fair Reflection on past experiences Project building : aims, objectives, methods, results Project life cycle: planning, preparation, implementation, evaluation, impact, follow-up Risk analysis & risk management Free time LSD (Learning Space Dynamics) For the future : project ideas, training opportunities, YiA… Evaluation - Oral -Written Closure Dinner Dinner in townDinner - Organisation fair - Group dynamic activities International eveningIntercultural eveningFree eveningGoodbye evening This programme can be adapted when needed. It is evaluated on a yearly basis.

7 The impact « ATOQ is an excellent tool for youth workers concerned with quality in youth exchanges. » Ana Videira Action 4.3 Project officer in the Portuguese National Agency « This training course is a great opportunity for youth workers to reflect on their practice in leading European youth exchanges. For the French National Agency, developing ATOQ was very important in order to have a training course which targets more experienced youth workers, beside offers more appropriate for beginners (like BTM). » Agnès Erhmann Action 4.3 Project officer in the French National Agency « The ATOQ has now made a strong reputation for itself, with both NA representatives and participating youth workers recommending the course to their colleagues. » Marie-Noëlle Ouellet Action 1.1 Project officer in the UK National Agency « Turkish participants have already started to use the knowledge, skills and techniques that they gained in ATOQ, in training courses given at national level and in Action 1.1 projects that they work as promoters. We will continue to send participants to ATOQs to provide a domino effect to increase the quality of the youth exchanges that will take place in future » Handan Boyar Action 1.1 Project officer in the Turkish National Agency

8 The support A clear documentation Documents, with all information needed about the course, have been created to make the communication easy and the cooperation fruitful : Host NA Pack Trainers’ Pack Participants’ Pack Handout Pack Letter for sending NA’s Youthpass Pre-activity for participants ATOQ Coordination In order to facilitate the organisation of the different ATOQs and the planning of future ATOQs, both NA and trainers side have created a coordinator. For 2008: From NA side: Paavo Pyykkonen (NA FI) From Trainers’ side: Wim Vogelaere ATOQ is supported by a steering group of NAs who follows and evaluates the TC : Estonia, Finland, France, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Turkey, United Kingdom

9 ATOQ in 2008-2009 ATOQ Netherlands: 13-18 Feb 2008 ATOQ Estonia /France: 7-13 Apr2008 ATOQ Belgium-FR / UK: Sept 30–Oct 5 2008 ATOQ Germany: February 2009 We are looking for hosts for 2009-2010. Please contact

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