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10 years of SLEIPNER CO2 Storage

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1 10 years of SLEIPNER CO2 Storage
Classification: Internal Status: Draft 10 years of SLEIPNER CO2 Storage Tore A Torp, Adviser CO2 Storage, StatoilHydro ASA, Norway

2 11 years of SLEIPNER CO2 Storage
CONTENT: “Low Carbon Diet” Industrial Experiences with CO2 Sleipner, In Salah, K12B, Ketzin, Snohvit and ??? VISION

3 Sleipner CO2 injection: - Decided in In operation since million tonne CO2/år Time Magazine, 17. May 2004

4 Previous Experiences with CO2 & Injection
Enhanced Oil Recovery (Texas, Hungary, Turkey, Brazil,Croatia) Natural gas cleaning Transport – Pipelines & Ships Natural gas re-injection Natural gas underground storage and Beer & soft drinks, dry cleaning, food packaging – Every day life

5 Yara CO2-tankers, 1500 m3 capacity

6 The Sleipner field – CO2 Treatment and Injection

7 CO2 Injection Well in "Utsira"
Sleipner A Sleipner T 500m CO 2 Injection W ell 1000m CO Utsir a 2 F or mation 1500m Sleipner Øst Production and Injection W ells 2000m 500m 1000m 1500m 2500m Heimdal Formation

8 The Utsira Formation

BGS BRGM GEUS IFP NITG-TNO SINTEF Statoil BP ExxonMobil Total Norsk Hydro Vattenfall IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme Schlumberger Research NO, DK, NL, FR & UK Authorities

10 Time-lapse seismic datasets of CO2 stored in Utsira formation
As mentioned – a very important part of the Sleipner CO2 injection project has been to monitor the behaviour of CO2. These pictures show seismic datasets over the period It clearly shows that CO2 is contained in the formation by an overlaying cap-rock.

11 1 km CO2 distribution June 2006
Plume extension & top Utsira time map CO2 distribution June 2006 8,4 million tonnes injected over 10 years Plume area: 2,8 km2 (1,3 km2 in 2001) Plume long axis: 3760 m Maximum distance from injection point: 2560m Maximum speed of front since 2004: 250 m/year, Distance from CO2 to wells: Exploration well 15/9-13: 430m, decreasing about 12 m/year D-template: about 2 km straight west of northern plume 15/9-19 wells: about 4,5 km north of plume saddle 3,76 km Injection point 15/9-13 Seismic section Plume outline June 2006 430m Plume outline Oct 2001 1 km Amplitude maps of the uppermost horizon, in 2001 (left), 2004 (middle) and 2006 (right). Hot colours represent higher amplitudes and thicker CO2 accumulation.

12 Simulated picture of the distribution of CO2 after three years.
Radius of largest bubble 800 m and the total plume 200 m high. Ref: SINTEF Petroleum 2001

13 Dissolution of CO2 in the Utsira Brine
Year 2412 Year 2021 Year 2621 Year 5019 Year 7018 Source: Gemini No. 1, 2004 (NTNU and Sintef)

14 3D Seismic proven, Gravimetry tested
SACS Project WHAT WE DID ACHIEVE: 3D Seismic proven, Gravimetry tested Reservoir simulation tools partly proven Geology and Geochemistry of “Utsira” mapped Reason to expect the CO2 to stay for thousands of years DOCUMENTATION “SACS Best Practice Manual, 1.version.” Download from see page “SACS”.

15 Demonstrations of CO2 storage

16 Sleipner CO2 Injection

17 SAFETY STRATEGY - Prepare Detect Remediate

18 What is keeping the CO2 down?
Trapping Mechanisms Closure - from day one –faults? Micro-pore trapping - during injection - lasting Dissolution in water - sinking to the bottom – centuries Mineral binding - precipitating solids – centuries/millennia

19 Possible Leakage? Leakage ways? WELLS - Corrosion of cement & steel
Faults/Cracks – Overpressure critical Underground fluid mobility – Site specific Prevention Detection Remediation

20 Monitoring and safety over TIME?
Before start: Site selection, Planning and Risk assessment =>licence During injection: Monitoring – “Watch the barn doors” => report Closure: Monitoring and long-term risk => agreement Post-closure: Monitoring gradually less => hand-over  Safety against leakage will be better over time!

21 CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS) needs two legs to walk!
Leg 1: TRUST in Storage Methods from oil and gas industry Geology varies from place to place  More demonstrations Leg 2: COST of Capture Energy use Costs  Better technologies Pace: CO2 Transport Pipeline Ship  Large projects

22 Vision

23 SLEIPNER - 10 years of CO2 Storage
THANKS for your attention! QUESTIONS?

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