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SOSC 103D Social Inequality in HK Lecture 15: Poor People in Hong Kong.

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1 SOSC 103D Social Inequality in HK Lecture 15: Poor People in Hong Kong

2 L15: 28.03.072 Poverty in an Affluent Society Who are the poor people in Hong Kong? What are their living conditions? Public and social attitudes towards them? How are they being protected by the social security/ welfare system?

3 L15: 28.03.073 Poor People in Hong Kong 1. Unemployed people (long-term)  Aged population, Single parents, and those who suffer from chronic illness 2. The working poor  Unskilled labour, Contract workers 3. Offspring of the existing poor

4 L15: 28.03.074 The old poor Receiving less than $2,000 per month per head (CSSA) Additional income/ resources

5 L15: 28.03.075 The working poor Long working hours security guide: 12 hours/ day cleansing workers: 10.2 hours/ day Low income Cleansing workers: $3,600/ month ($12-15/ hour) Outsource workers E.g. work in public toilets (<$3,500 vs $5,300- $5,900)

6 L15: 28.03.076 Outsource workers Short-term employment 6 months, 1 months, 1 week, 1 day/ 1 night Intensive and heavy workload Lack of legal protection Wage reduction Holidays MPF Insurance

7 L15: 28.03.077 Common characteristics Low education and limited skills Weak social network (socially isolated) Unstable and low household income Lack of bargaining power In terms of income and other benefits Choice between keeping the low income job or applying for social assistance

8 L15: 28.03.078 Districts of Poverty Poor people are clustered in: 1. Sham Shui Po (new immigrants, ethnic minorities) 2. Kwun Tong (aged population, working-class families) 3. Yuen Long (new immigrants, single-parent families, unemployed families) From: HK's Disdvantaged - Christine Loh's Newsletter, 23/10/04

9 L15: 28.03.079 24 October 2004 Sham Shui Po is the poorest district in Hong Kong. Income gap between the rich and poor families is 25 times. 10% of the population is living below poverty line. Living Standard - Housing conditions - Expenses on food - Transportation costs

10 L15: 28.03.0710 Common Characteristics Geographically concentrated Low income  Limited economic activities  Low employment opportunities (vicious circle) From financial problem to other familial problems Labeling/ discrimination Geographically isolated Limited interaction with the society Lack of resources and support from the society

11 L15: 28.03.0711 Intergenerational Poverty Life chances of the children from low income families Educational opportunities Employment opportunities Social network and support Living qualities

12 L15: 28.03.0712 Readings: Wong, Hung (2003) “The Quality of Life of Hong Kong's Poor Households in the 1990s: Cost of Living, Income Security and Poverty Situation”

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