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Globalization & Computer Michael Tsang Mandy Ling.

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1 Globalization & Computer Michael Tsang Mandy Ling

2 Globalization & Computer Definition of Globalization History of Globalization Impacts of computers Benefits to societies Costs to societies Benefits to individuals Costs to individuals Ethical issues Legal or other changes necessary

3 Definition of Globalization Development Integrated global economy Marked by Free trade Free flow of capital Tapping of cheaper foreign labor markets

4 History of Globalization 1350Silk RoadHorse, Cameral, Foot 1492ColumbusShip 1500-1750European Seaborne Empires Ship 1750-1950Industrial CapitalismRailway and Steam ship

5 Impacts of Computers 1991 World Wide Web 1996 Internet was being common use Computer & Internet Electronic communication Efficiency information exchange Competing in business world Technology push Globalization Globalization pull Technology

6 Benefits to Societies Lift people out of poverty China: 200 millions people Vietnam: poverty ratio ↓7% a year Uganda: poverty ratio ↓6% a year Higher standards of living Cheaper imports: DVD Player $28 Inject additional income U.S.: $500 billion to $1 trillion annual Rising exports European Union

7 Costs to Societies Income inequality Increase demand on social support Social injustices Increase social conflict Nations have less power Unable to control and manage Money Technology Markets Illegal activities using technology Terrorist Criminal

8 Benefits to Individuals Increase opportunities Global opportunities Large global company Increase real money earning Professionals Better working environment Home office Higher standards of living Cheaper imports

9 Costs to Individuals Loss of labor market Manufacturing shift to low labor countries Same unemployment rate Job missed skewed to low-skilled jobs Decrease in real money earning Workers education under professional graduate degree Relocate of professional Microsoft Windows 7: partial developed in India

10 Ethical Issues Environmental damages Continuous economy growth Negative impact to quality of life Hole in ozone layer Greenhouse effect Global Warming Privacy Tax Return prepared in India Intellectual Property Information exchange without regulation

11 Legal or other Changes Necessary International regulation Environment Long term growth Better quality of life Privacy Intellectual property Encourage innovation Security Expand from physical world to technology world U.S. policy Income inequality Social injustices

12 Conclusion Technology push globalization Globalization Benefits Costs Ethical issues International regulation U.S. nation policy Globalization pull technology


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