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Shepard Fairey Contemporary artist, graphic designer, and illustrator.

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2 Shepard Fairey Contemporary artist, graphic designer, and illustrator

3 “Andre the Giant has a Posse” Shepard Fairey first became known in the art world for his “Andre the Giant has a Posse” sticker campaign, which he started in 1989. He took an image from a super market tabloid of Andre the Giant, and made thousands of stickers which he distributed all over, many of these stickers can be found on walls, windows, and signs all over the world.

4 Obey Giant The Andre the Giant sticker campaign later evolved into the Obey Giant, which became the logo for Obey Clothing.

5 1997-2003 He founded BLK/MRKT Inc. which specialized in high-impact marketing campaigns. Clients included Pepsi, Hasbro, and Netscape. During this time his personal art focused more on world issues.

6 Album Covers & Movie Posters

7 Books Released in 2006 & 2008, both of these books feature Shepard Fairey’s artwork for Obey.

8 Body of War As the years went on, Shepard became more involved in political issues, and donated an original cover art to the 2008 album Body of War: Songs That Inspired an Iraq War Veteran which was produced for the documentary Body of War, all proceeds went to the non- profit organization Iraq Veterans Against the War.

9 HOPE Poster Shepard Fairey is probably most known for the iconic Obama Campaign poster for the 2008 Presidential Elections. Over 800,000 stickers and posters with this image were distributed during the campaign. In January 2009 the US National Portrait Gallery made it part of its permanent collection.

10 Interesting fact… In early 2009 it was revealed that the image used for the Obama Hope Poster Campaign was based on a copyrighted photograph taken in 2006 by an Associated Press photographer, the AP wants credit and compensation. The photographer Mannie Garcia said “….I’m so proud of the photograph and what Fairey did with it…..” The copyright infringement case is still ongoing.

11 Video Show Youtube video “Hope: Shepard Fairey and Barack Obama”

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