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Backup, Integrity Check and Index and Statistics Maintenance

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1 Backup, Integrity Check and Index and Statistics Maintenance
- Inside Ola Hallengren's Maintenance Solution

2 About Me Ola Hallengren
DBA in Saxo Bank, a Danish investment bank SQL Server since 2000

3 An Overview of the Solution
Based on stored procedures and functions Supports SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2 (and Denali when it is released) DatabaseBackup - Backup DatabaseIntegrityCheck – Integrity Check IndexOptimize – Index and Statistics Maintenance It’s free!

4 Index Maintenance – Challenges
Indexes are getting fragmented over time, which has a negative impact on performance Rebuilding and reorganizing indexes uses system resources and generates blocking Large databases and limited maintenance windows

5 Index Maintenance – Checking the Fragmentation
Checking the fragmentation using sys.dm_db_index_physical_stats Only rebuild or reorganize indexes that are fragmented Rebuild heavily fragmented indexes Reorganize moderately fragmented indexes

6 Index Maintenance - Rebuild and Reorganize Limitations
Online rebuild only in Enterprise Edition Xml – indexes and spatial indexes cannot be rebuilt online Indexes with LOB (Large Object) columns cannot be rebuilt online An index partition cannot be rebuilt online (a partitioned index can be rebuilt online as a whole) An index with page locking disabled cannot be reorganized

7 IndexOptimize - Core Checking the fragmentation
Three fragmentation groups; low, medium and high Lets you define the fragmentation thresholds Lets you define the index maintenance for each group Secondary index maintenance in case your preferred index maintenance is not possible for an index Demo

8 IndexOptimize and Statistics
If an index is rebuilt, the statistics is automatically updated IndexOptimize lets you update statistics on indexes that were not rebuilt IndexOptimize also lets you update column statistics Demo

9 IndexOptimize – Selecting Indexes
Select a single schema, object or index Select a list of schemas, objects or indexes Exclude indexes Select indexes using wild-cards Common for very large databases to put large tables in their own jobs and exclude these objects from the main job (gives better control and parallelization) Demo

10 IndexOptimize - Advanced
Rebuild or reorganize indexes on a partition level MAXDOP SORT_IN_TEMPB FILLFACTOR and PADINDEX Time limit if you have a limited maintenance window Demo

11 DatabaseBackup - Core Full, differential and transaction log backup
Verify the backup Cleanup of old backup files, if the backup and verify was successful Demo

12 DatabaseBackup – Handling new databases
Common error messages after adding a new database: "BACKUP LOG cannot be performed … no current database backup.“ "Cannot perform a differential backup … a current database backup does not exist.“ DatabaseBackup is checking if a differential or transaction log backup can be done, before doing the backup Supports changing the backup type if needed (e.g. from log to full or from differential to full) New databases are getting backed up quickly after they have been added and no alerts are generated Demo

13 DatabaseBackup - Advanced
Backup to multiple files (backup striping) Backup compression Backup using Quest LiteSpeed, RedGate SQLBackup, RedGate HyperBac or Idera SQLSafe CHECKSUM COPY_ONLY DESCRIPTION Demo

14 DatabaseIntegrityCheck
DBCC CHECKDB PHYSICAL_ONLY and NOINDEX for very large databases Demo

15 Selecting Databases Common parameter for DatabaseBackup, DatabaseIntegrityCheck and IndexOptimize Select All Databases, All User Databases or All System Databases Select a single database or a list of databases Exclude databases Select databases using wildcards Demo

16 Inside the Maintenance Solution
Shared stored procedure for executing commands – Consistent error handling and logging TRY CATCH or checking? Some commands (BACKUP DATABASE) return two errors RAISERROR WITH NOWAIT after each command to clear the output buffer and have instant logging LOCK_TIMEOUT to prevent index commands from hanging because of blocking SQL Server Agent CmdExec Job Steps, using sqlcmd and the –b option to continue executing the stored procedure after an error

17 Links Download script: Documentation: License:

18 Questions?

Download ppt "Backup, Integrity Check and Index and Statistics Maintenance"

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