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Interactive Advertising & Promotional Communication Class 8/9 Targeting the Internet Consumer Kuen-Hee Ju-Pak CSUF.

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1 Interactive Advertising & Promotional Communication Class 8/9 Targeting the Internet Consumer Kuen-Hee Ju-Pak CSUF

2 Featuring Today …  The Concept of Targeting  Benefits of Targeting  Online Targeting Approaches

3 Targeting Delivering the right c_________ to the right p_________ at the right t_____ A major advantage of the Internet over other media Necessary when developing the right a___, in m________ selection, and in advertising s__________

4 Benefits of Targeting  Targeting minimizes w_____________________  Messages are received, perceived more p_____________  Targeting increases i________ and r__________

5 Online Targeting Approaches:  the most popular approach offline, the most s_______ approach online  selecting sites or pages because of the f___ between the c______ or c______ of the site and the expected i________ of the t_____ consumer Targeting Based on C_______ and C______

6 Online Targeting Approaches: Examples: Use ESPN SportsZone to advertise _________ ____________________ (by c ) Mercedes Benz ad in the golf area on ESPN to reach _______, the high-income demographic. (by c ) A car dealership ad in a classified ad section listing automobiles for sale (by c ) Use keywords or text links (e.g., sports) on search engines (by c and c ) Targeting based on content and context

7 Online Targeting Approaches:  users are asked to provide their personal information in return for something of value to them (e.g., ________________)  example:  refer to ZA book for tips on how to induce visitors to register Targeting based on r___________ information

8 Online Targeting Approaches:  track visitors -- e.g., site visitors that go to the sports section numerous times could be “tagged” as _____________  facilitate b___________ targeting  used by ad or site serving services (e.g., MatchLogic, Engage Technology) Use of c________ for targeting

9 Online Targeting Approaches:  a__________ multiple d_______ to extract some p________ behavior and p_______ for a number of sites  target messages based on the consumer profiles  example: NetGravity’ Global Profile Targeting through database mining

10 Online Targeting Approaches:  building customer databases  segmenting users into affinity groups  matching or customizing messages, promotions to groups Targeting through p_______ & p___________

11 Online Targeting Approaches:  ________________________: personalize content and make recommendations to customers based on previous inquiries and purchases (e.g., ____________, _________)  P______________: sending different m______ (or promotions) to different t_____ (target software like NetPerceptions keeps learning about the visitor behavior and getting smarter to deliver targeted ads more effectively) Targeting through profiling & personalization

12 Online Targeting Approaches:  Targeting based on ______________ during ______  e.g., Revenue Science classify users into one of eight categories ( consumer techies, engaged investors, health enthusiasts, leisure-minded, opinion leaders, travel seekers, and so on) based on the kinds of subject matters they click on or demonstrate their interest in  useful to those sites that don’t ask visitors for personal information to view their content. Behavioral targeting

13 Online Targeting Approaches:  e.g., MSN 8.0 or NetPerception 7.0)  based on c_______ and context  c___________  p_______  g________ targeting based on the IP address, SIC code, Zip Codes  session-specific targeting based on the browser type, domain, and computer platform (PC, Mac) used by the visitor in that particular visit or session  targeting by d________ (MSN 8.0) Targeting via ad management software

14 Online Targeting Approaches: ___________ : single pixel images placed on pages of the advertiser’s website so that activity on those pages can be tracked and correlated to the view or click of an ad ________________: tracks what people do at the advertiser’s site after they click on the ad helps determine the impact of the ad _____________ (post-view through) analysis: can tell if exposure to an ad leads to conversion (visiting the advertiser’s site or pages related to the ad or taking action desired) within 30 days of the exposure ; helps determine the long-term effectiveness of a creative/message or the effectiveness of the site Third party targeting/ad management service: provides more and advanced features

15 Understanding Online Consumers (from Readings List): Presentation/Discussion (if time permits): Get together as a two-person group, summarize and present the information in one of the tables in the readings list (to be distributed/assigned in class) to class

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