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1 ©2005 Microsoft Building your own collaborative environment Mark Tigwell

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1 1 ©2005 Microsoft Building your own collaborative environment Mark Tigwell

2 2 ©2005 Microsoft What do we mean by collaborating? work withperson or groupachieve something “To work with another person or group in order to achieve something” What does this mean for education technology? “Work with” “Person or group” “Achieve something” Talk toStudentsA decision Exchange ideasEducatorsA learning outcome Create things (sounds, words, pictures, movies) FamilyAn agreement Modify thingsAdministratorsA report Publish thingsGovernmentA curriculum plan Express opinionsCommunityA learning object

3 3 ©2005 Microsoft If you want to… Stream a live video or audio presentation to a large online audience  You would use Windows Media Encoder on a PC and Windows Server 2003 with the Media Server role turned on. Videoconference with one or two people  You would use Windows Messenger on a PC with a webcam. Create a presentation with commentary that could be downloaded or viewed over the web  You would use PowerPoint and Producer for PowerPoint Create and edit Movies or Slideshows  You would use Movie Maker and Photo Story Create a document, spreadsheet, presentation or web page  You would use Office 2003 Create a learning object  Use any of the above tools and package it with Class Server 4

4 4 ©2005 Microsoft Microsoft provides a complete toolkit for collaboration Capture Windows Media Encoder Windows Image Acquisition Microsoft Office 2003 Other software Create Windows Movie Maker Windows Photo Story Producer for PowerPoint Microsoft Office 2003 Other software Share Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Windows Messenger SharePoint

5 5 ©2005 Microsoft Sharing Outlook and ExchangeEmail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes Messenger and Live Communications Server Real-time, one-to-one & one-to-few: Instant messaging, voice, video, application sharing LiveMeetingReal-time one-to-many: meetings & presentations Media ServerReal-time or store and retrieve streaming video and audio SharePointCapture all of the above and more in one place: collaboration portal

6 6 ©2005 Microsoft What does SharePoint do? SharePoint automatically creates web sites for people to share information with each other. Some of the things it can create: Discussion boards Surveys Document libraries Image galleries Powerful custom lists Events and calendars Address books Meeting workspaces Manage users and permissions

7 7 ©2005 Microsoft Interactive demonstration… Let’s install, configure and explore a typical SharePoint server….

8 8 ©2005 Microsoft Install & configure SharePoint 1 1. What you need: a server running Windows Server 2003 with IIS (“Application Server” role switched on) 2. Install SharePoint Services (note: to enable search function, SQL Server must be used) 3. Run IIS – look at web sites and options 4. In Administration Tools, select SharePoint Central Admin 5. Extend a web site (Extend and create)  Extend and map to another is for load-balancing  Can use any SQL Server  Enter a URL path

9 9 ©2005 Microsoft Install & Configure SharePoint 2 Go to the new site Pick a template  Note: I am administrator, so I can do anything! Explore Documents & Lists: Shared documents (upload a document, alert, settings and columns) Standard lists (explore) Discussions (explore) Special areas (later):  (sub)Sites  Workspaces: Document workspaces Meeting workspaces

10 10 ©2005 Microsoft Site Settings 1 Home > Modify Shared Page  Appearance  Web parts What are they? Types  Add a web part (content editor, text file) Site Settings  Customisation  Alerts

11 11 ©2005 Microsoft Site Settings 2 Go to top-level site admin  Manage site groups (create a group)  Cross-site groups  Anonymous access (enables the magic button!)  View storage allocation  Manage regional settings  Save as template

12 12 ©2005 Microsoft Adding users Adding a user Understanding roles and delegated authority

13 13 ©2005 Microsoft Create: 1. New subsite (note context and permissions) 2. Document workspace (check- out, check-in, versions) 3. Custom list (staff DVD library) 4. Survey 5. Blank page 6. Picture Library

14 14 ©2005 Microsoft Integrating with Class Server 1. Class Server admin (teacher, student, class) 2. Class Server SharePoint home page 3. Class Server web parts

15 15 ©2005 Microsoft Modifying in FrontPage 1. Fully customise all the elements of a SharePoint site 2. More flexible data views and web parts 3. Easily see the structure of your site 4. Apply more themes 5. View and modify code (careful!) 6. WARNING: Break your SharePoint site!

16 16 ©2005 Microsoft Advanced Topics Writing web parts with Visual Studio Integrating with Outlook:  Synchronise calendars and contacts  Receive alerts  Integrate alerts  Create Meeting Workspaces Command line tool: stsadm.exe useful for many tasks including backup and restore:  stsadm.exe -o backup -url http://server_name/site -filename file_name.dat

17 17 ©2005 Microsoft Where to get the tools mentioned in this presentation Microsoft Office 2003 Microsoft WindowsXP Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (includes Media Server) NO COST – Windows SharePoint Services NO COST – Windows Media Encoder NO COST – Windows Movie Maker Via Windows Update NO COST – Windows Photo Story 3 NO COST – Producer for PowerPoint NO COST – Windows Messenger Via Windows Update

18 18 ©2005 Microsoft Books and training 1. Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Step by Step, Microsoft Press (ISBN 0-7356-2075-X) 2. Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Inside Out, Microsoft Press (ISBN 0-7356-2171-3) 3. Microsoft eLearning Library (MELL) Module on Windows Server 2003 and SharePoint (demo) (

19 19 ©2005 Microsoft Web sites 1. TechNet ( 2. MSDN ( 3. SharePoint University 

20 20 ©2005 Microsoft Thank you We would like to thank all sponsors of the Microsoft Education Roadshow National Hardware Sponsor:

21 21 ©2005 Microsoft

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