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ENGR 225 Section 1.1 -1.2.

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1 ENGR 225 Section

2 Mechanics of Materials
Mechanics of Solids Mechanics of Deformable Bodies Solid Mechanics Strength of Materials.

3 Statics Forces Rigid Bodies Dynamics Motion Particles, Rigid Bodies Mechanics of Materials Forces External Internal Material Properties

4 Mechanics of Materials
Area of mechanics that studies the relationships between external loads applied to a deformable body and the intensity of internal forces within a body An understanding of material behavior will play an important role in developing the necessary equations used in mechanics of materials.

5 Support Reactions

6 Internal Forces

7 Method of Sections

8 Internal Forces in 2-D

9 Determine the internal forces (normal force, shear force and bending moment) on a section passing through the beam at point C.

10 Internal Forces in 3-D

11 Internal Forces in 3-D Find the internal forces at the base

12 Mass = 650 kg and Wind Load = 900 N/m2

13 Internal Forces at a point – method of Sections
Internal forces at all points along length Internal forces – a function of distance along length of beam.

14 Shear and Moment Diagrams
For beams we can calculate the shear and moment diagrams as a function of position along the beam. Internal normal force will not be considered in that most loadings are vertical on a beam and we are primarily concerned about shear and bending failures.

15 Sign Convention Shear ~ positive direction is denoted by an internal force that causes a clockwise rotation on which it acts. Moment ~ positive direction is denoted by an internal moment that causes a compression or pushing on the upper part of the member

16 Relations between Distributed Load, Shear, and Moment.
Slope of the Shear Diagram = Negative of distributed load intensity Slope of the bending moment diagram = Shear

17 Graph the internal forces shear force and bending moment along the axis of the beam.


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