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Unit 6 I like music that I can dance to Section A 3a-4 Annie.

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1 Unit 6 I like music that I can dance to Section A 3a-4 Annie

2 Revision 用 that, who, which 填空 I prefer apples _____________are sweet. He has some friends __________ can help him a lot. The orange skirt ___________is hanging there is my favorite. No one likes books ___________are boring. We prefer singers _________ write their own lyrics. that /which that / who that / which  that / who

3 用 who,whom.whose 填空 1. The two students ________ you taught three years ago are both in college now. 2. The child _______ parents died in SARS is now living with. his aunt. 3.The man _______ is talking with my mother is my math teacher. whom whose who ( 注意:当先行词为人时,可用关系代词 who, whom whose. 如连接 词在从句中当主语用 who. 在从句中当宾语用 whom. 如要修饰名词. 则用 whose)

4 I prefer the picture that__________ There is a special bridge There is a girl walking in the rain there is a girl walking

5 I like the girl who_____________ She is pretty She is shy and quiet She is fashion is a famous star and pretty

6 Listen to the song and answer the question  What’s the name of the song?  Do you like it?  Why do you like the song? What do you dislike about the song?  What does it remind you of? this CD? It’s “Dance, Dance, Dance” The music is great because you can dance to it. You can take Yes,I do./ No, I don’t CD to a party, also. These musicians write their own lyrics Some songs are too long. Some of the singers don’t sing the words clearly. The music remind me of Brazilian dance music

7 Read Jennifer’s CD review in 3a,then match the sentences parts 1.It’s the kind of music _ 2.She likes musicians__ 3.She doesn’t like songs ___ 4.She likes singers __ 5.The music is like __ a who write their own lyrics. b Brazilian dance music. c who sing the words clearly. d that you can dance to e that are too long. d a e c b

8 Complete this survey,then discuss them with your classmates I like groups that _____________________ I love singers who ____________________ I can’t stand music that ________________ I don’t like musicians who ______________ _____. .. Play quiet and gentle songs have great voice is too loud. always sing others’ songs

9 Read the conversation and make your own conversation A: I like singers who look cool. Such as Zhou Jielun. B: Oh,I don’t think this is very important.I like singers who have Great voice, such as Liu Huan.Han Hong. Their songs sounds really nice. Do you think so? A: Yes, I think the singers who is beautiful and can sing very well will be loved by everyone.

10 Thank you for listening. Bye-bye

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