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Gail Holley - Florida Dept of Transportation Buddy Cloud – Florida Dept of Elder Affairs Transportation Disadvantaged Training and Technology Conference.

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1 Gail Holley - Florida Dept of Transportation Buddy Cloud – Florida Dept of Elder Affairs Transportation Disadvantaged Training and Technology Conference Orlando, Florida July13, 2010

2  Florida Dept of Transportation  State Traffic Engineering & Operations  State Safety  State Transit  Florida Dept of Elder Affairs  Communities for a Lifetime Initiative  Florida Commission for the Trans. Disadvantaged  Florida Highway Patrol  Florida Dept of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles  Florida Dept of Health  Injury Prevention

3  National Center on Senior Transportation  6/08 – Solicited grants for statewide older driver programs  Six states awarded grants (Tennessee, Nebraska, Minnesota, Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida)  9/16-17/08, Dallas, TX  Team Florida’s Goal  To implement more effective programs that address older driver issues.  Team Florida’s Proposed Solution….

4  Each county has a Community Transportation Coordinator (CTC)  What if we trained a staff member to be the mobility manager?  Pilot Program  Urban and Rural  Bring our existing statewide tools and resources to help support the mobility manager  Promote One Call Number

5  “Official” Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Definition is:  Short-range planning and management activities and projects for improving coordination among public transportation and other transportation service providers.  Our Interpretation:  A mobility manager works with local agencies to help coordinate the travel and trip planning needs of individuals who receive human service program assistance or are seeking alternative transportation services.

6  CTC Customer Service Staff are often unfamiliar with all programs & resources that are available.  Mobility Manager will provide additional resources that would benefit the CTC and customers.  Allows them to spend more time speaking with the caller to meet their individual transportation needs.

7 Importance of Maintaining Mobility  General Health  Quality of Life  Injury Prevention  Independence  Civic and Community Engagement  Economics  Aging in Place

8  Selected counties.  St. Johns County (St. Johns Council on Aging)  Putnam County (Ride Solution, Inc.)  Sent a letter of introduction and workshop held for key local agency representatives.  One to one staff training with team members.  Implement one call system when call from a senior requesting a ride is received.  Developed transportation guidebooks.

9  Currently seniors have to fit the system—we are now trying to design a system to fit the senior.  Help keep seniors safe and mobile as long as possible.  Assist county in becoming self-sufficient and able to carry on and sustain their mobility manager program from year to year.  Educate and bring available state transportation safety and mobility resources directly into the community.


11  An educational program created by the American Society on Aging in collaboration with American Automobile Association, AARP and the American Occupational Therapy Association.  A low-risk opportunity to open a dialogue with a senior about safety issues for the aging driver.  Offers the opportunity for drivers to see how well their car “fits” them.  Offers information and materials for resources to keep drivers driving safer longer.

12  Safety belt usage  Mirror position  Steering wheel tilt  Headrest height  Seat position  Line of sight  Position to gas & brake pedals  Vehicle controls




16  Developed from existing template on the NCST web site.  Specifically designed for each county.  Lists all available transportation safety and mobility options.

17  A standardized and coordinated effort between local law enforcement, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Florida Department of Transportation and the Florida Highway Patrol to share information with the public to help improve the chances of a safe recovery of a person suffering from dementia or other cognitive impairment.

18  Anyone with a valid Florida driver license or identification card can go online and enter their emergency contact information at or in person at any Drivers License Office.  Up to three (3) contacts can be provided. In an emergency situation could law enforcement personnel contact someone for you?

19  Law Enforcement and Fire/Rescue personnel also look for your emergency contact information on your cell phone under the heading “ICE” for in case of emergency.

20  Communities for a Lifetime Initiative.  Elder Helpline.  Florida’s 211 system.  Use of local health departments.  Importance of travel trainer assistance.  Building community partnerships.

21  Less demand on public transportation through resources that keep seniors driving safer longer.  Less demand on public transportation by utilizing alternative transportation sources.  Keeping seniors mobile and engaged in the community.

22  Section 5311 (no state match given)  New Freedom Grants  Section 402 Highway Safety Grants  Other Grant Applications –

23 St. Johns and Putnam Counties 8/1/2009 – 12/31/2009




27  Take it from a grassroots effort to a more cohesive approach.  Add as an emphasis area in our newly formed Safe Mobility for Life Coalition.  Develop effective outreach and education.  Working on how to expand and implement as a regional concept.  Continue to support St. Johns and Putnam Counties Mobility Managers.



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