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Airmail - Not Just Winlink Anymore

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1 Airmail - Not Just Winlink Anymore
Scott Honaker, N7SS

2 Airmail and Winlink 2000 Designed for boaters and RVers
Familiar mail interface Connect anytime, anywhere HF – SCS PACTOR TNC VHF/UHF – 1200/9600 baud Telpac Internet – ISP Telnet connection Just some introductory Winlink and Airmail comments Scott N7SS

3 Winlink 2000 System Redundant Central Message Servers
Dozens of Participating Mail Boxes worldwide available via: Internet Telnet HF Pactor VHF/UHF packet through TelPac node Hundreds of users and thousands of messages every day Scott N7SS

4 Winlink 2000 System The Internet CMBO Main CMBO Backup HF HF VHF/UHF
PMBO 1 PMBO 3 HF TelPac Node PMBO 2 Scott N7SS

5 Client Connection to Winlink
HF PMBO Pactor 1, Pactor 2 and Pactor 3 VHF/UHF TelPac Node 1200/9600 baud AX.25 packet Internet Telnet Any Internet connection will work Enough about RF connections Scott N7SS

6 Airmail User Interface
Scott N7SS

7 Airmail Modules Terminal Windows is for Diagnostics
Mail POP/SMTP Client for standard mail VHF Packet for Telpac connections Mail POP/SMTP Server for allowing connections to external mail applications VHF Packet server to allow remote RF mail access Position Reports feeds the APRS FINDU servers Scott N7SS

8 Cool Airmail Tip #1 You can use Winlink without a radio
Winlink lessons generally focus on setting up a packet system and getting connected This adds unnecessary complexity Try Winlink via Telnet with any Internet connection Scott N7SS

9 Dowload/Install Airmail
Download from Install Airmail and answer questions Callsign Lat/Lon location Pick any TNC/Radio connection Scott N7SS

10 Configure Airmail without Radio
Tools-Options-Modules Make sure “Internet Access” is checked Scott N7SS

11 Configure Airmail continued
Modules - Internet Access – Settings Note: Most any PMBO callsign can be substituted for W7IJ used here Scott N7SS

12 Check/Send Mail Compose a new message Modules – Internet Access
Click green button or Check All to send/receive Auto check can be used to get mail automatically Scott N7SS

13 Welcome to Winlink.Org The first connection to a PMBO creates a account Any message sent via Telnet will be from your Now you can work on your RF packet solution with a working system We won’t cover packet info here No more excuses to use Winlink! Scott N7SS

14 Cool Airmail Tip #2 Read POP/SMTP mail with Airmail
The basic rule of emergency communications is “You do what you practice” Use Airmail to read everyday ! Scott N7SS

15 Configure Airmail POP/SMTP
Tools-Options-Modules Make sure “Mail (pop/smtp) Client” is checked Scott N7SS

16 Configure POP/SMTP cont.
Modules – Mail Client - Settings These settings should be available in your existing mail client Make sure both “Check All” boxes are checked Scott N7SS

17 Check/Send Mail Compose a new message Modules – Mail Client
Click Check All to send/receive Auto check can be used to get mail automatically Status window can be used for troubleshooting problems Scott N7SS

18 Use Airmail Everyday Airmail can replace your existing mail client
Use it for a couple weeks It is NOT “Just like Outlook” Become familiar with the layout and basic operation When you need to use it, you won’t fumble through it Scott N7SS

19 Cool Airmail Tip #3 Have a portable email client!
Airmail and mailbox fit on a thumb drive Take your with you anywhere Plug into any USB port Leave no footprint on host computer Transfer mail to normal client at home Scott N7SS

20 Portable Airmail Installation
Install Airmail normally to folder on thumb drive Copy VCL50.BPL from \Windows\System32 to thumb drive Enable Mail Client AND Mail Server Configure POP/SMTP mail client as shown previously Configure POP/SMTP server Scott N7SS

21 Configure Airmail POP/SMTP
Tools-Options-Modules Make sure “Mail (pop/smtp) Client” and “Mail (pop/smtp) Server” are checked Scott N7SS

22 POP/SMTP Mail Server Click “Mail (pop/smtp) Server” settings
Create user account and password Check “Copy all INCOMING to local POP users” Enable POP3 (port 110) and SMTP (port 25) connections Scott N7SS

23 Flash Drive is Ready for Action
Flash drive is now ready to install in any Internet connected machine and send/receive All will be stored on the drive When you return, you can configure your mail client to download messages from the flash drive Let’s look at Outlook Express Scott N7SS

24 Configuring Outlook Express
Go to Tools – Accounts… Click Add – Mail… Enter a display name Enter an address (doesn’t matter) type – POP3 Incoming mail server – Outgoing mail server – Enter username and password from Airmail POP/SMTP server settings Scott N7SS

25 Configuring Outlook Express
Scott N7SS

26 Pull Email into Outlook Express
Open Airmail and Outlook Express In Airmail: Modules – Mail Server Leave Airmail open Press Send/Recv in Outlook Express will begin to arrive Messages can be seen in Airmail Mail Server window Scott N7SS

27 You Have Mail! Airmail will now be in Outlook Express (or other mail client) It’s also possible to send mail via Airmail to Winlink with this same mechanism Scott N7SS

28 You’re ready for your next trip
Keep your mail with you at all times Can’t get an Internet connection – use any machine to retrieve mail Use any machine to read mail No more waiting for lousy web mail interfaces Get all your mail back into your home client Scott N7SS

29 Get Plugged In You can become a Winlink user without the pain of packet radio Airmail is the Swiss army knife of clients Use it regularly and become familiar with it Scott N7SS

30 Resources Airmail info and download PMBOs and other info
PMBOs and other info This presentation (click Education) Yahoo user groups Scott N7SS

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