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Monitoring and Evaluation for TB Programs

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1 Monitoring and Evaluation for TB Programs
Developing a Monitoring and Evaluation Plan Synthesize everything that we have learned earlier this week– logic frameworks, indicator selection, data sources, etc… – end product is to draft an M&E plan for your country

2 Key M&E Plan Principles
M&E Plan complements NTP M&E system The main purpose of the plan is to measure implementation, progress, and results/impact Plan is implemented by many actors It is usually a NATIONAL plan There are many ways to organize and implement plan We will talk about M&E systems later on today

3 Stepwise Approach to TB M&E Plan
Clear Goals and Objectives Development of Interventions Selection of Appropriate Indicators Data Collection, Analysis and Use Data Dissemination 1st, understand the rationale, key elements and steps required in developing an M&E plan. Apply program goals and objectives in developing an M&E plan Develop and select program monitoring and eval questions and indicators and review the issues related to program evaluation. Determine M&E methods, including identifying indicators, data source plan for analysis.

SOURCE (existing or new) RESPONSIBLE Increase DOTS coverage Expand DOTS to from 50 to 100% of the country % of the BMU implementing the DOTS strategy Annual NTP budget allocated to implement DOTS as required by MDP Numerator: # of BMUs implementing DOTS Denominator: Total # of BMUs Numerator:Total # of funds allocated for DOTS-based TB control in the previous year’s NTP budget Demoninator: Total amount of funds for DOTS-based TB control in the previous year’s annual budget NTP MOH Annual NTP work plan and budget, MDP Increase awareness of TB in the community Organize educational awareness activities: theater, musical concert, films, sports events # and type of TB activity organized in the district % of population in the district that know TB is curable Numerator: # of people who know TB is curable Denominator: Total # of people surveyed Program Reports Community Survey NGOs Consider using one of the group’s goals/objectives from Day One. We’ve seen this before but to reiterate, this is what we want as a final product

5 Elements of the Plan Source of data
Person or entity who is responsible Refer to system checklist – can be useful to identify sources of data and resources for reporting Already covered first three columns during last two days, need to fill out the rest. Need to be as specific as possible – for individual NTP, often useful to put the person’s name. Comprehensive M&E plans should include: Overall goals and objectives Specific M&E questions Methods Designs to be used What data will be collected and how Who will implement various parts of the plan Timeline of the plan

6 Key Data Use and Dissemination Questions
Who are the potential audiences or users of results of our M&E plan? Which particular findings will be of most interest to each potential audience or use? What are the best channels to reach each potential audience or user? What info should be distributed? Who need the info? Who does the info get distributed? The dissemination of evaluation findings can support the usefulness of evaluation and future activities. As well as reduce the duplication and evaluation efforts. Furthermore, disseminating results enables us to teach others that M&E is indeed a tool for improving programs. For this reason a plan for how to disseminate the evaluation finding is crucial to your plan.

7 Using Data for Decision-Making
Improve performance and programming Advocate for policy changes Sustain resources for TB control Increase public awareness about TB Encourage communities to support TB patients Improve coordination among partners Provide lessons learned for in-country and international programs

8 Data Dissemination Develop a strategy early
Answer the 3 questions (in previous slide) Use as many media channels as appropriate Be creative and innovative

9 Conclusion Wealth of TB data exists at district/facility
Standardized tools available for data collection Compendium is a reference for standardized indicators Ensure strategy for analyzing, using and disseminating data Another slide? Key questions to ask in determining if an M&E plan is working: Are the M&E activities progressing as planned? Are the M&E questions being covered sufficiently? Is other data needed? Should th questions be reframed? Is there other questions that should be asked? Are there any methodological or valuation designs issues that need to be addressed? Are there changes in the M&E plan needed at this time? Are appropriate staff and funding still available to complete the evaluation plan? How are the findings of the M&E activities contributing?

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