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Graduate Program Of Study Step by Step Guide to submitting your Interactive Program of Study online.

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1 Graduate Program Of Study Step by Step Guide to submitting your Interactive Program of Study online

2 Log in to Click the iPOS tab in the ‘My Programs and Degree Progress’ box on the right. Click the Graduate Interactive Plan of Study (POS) link.

3 Select Your Program

4 Note that there are 6 elements to your POS. POS, Prev Degree, ASU Courses, Transfer Courses, Advisor, and Summary. You will be prompted through each of these sections as you make your way through the online Program of Study.

5 If you were required to take any prerequisite courses, you will be asked for justification. It is important to be clear about when and where you completed the indicated prerequisite courses in order for your iPOS to be approved. Ex: “I completed PAF 401 at ASU in fall 2007 and received a A for the course.” Select Save and Continue.

6 Select the Transcript button in order to see a listing of all courses you have taken at ASU while admitted to a graduate program, including non-degree courses.

7 You will see all ASU courses with a grade or currently scheduled listed. Check all the boxes for the courses you want on your POS. Be certain not to select any courses that do not count toward your Program of Study, such as prerequisite courses. Click Save and Continue.

8 The courses you have selected to add to your POS are displayed. If you have made any mistakes, you may select courses and delete them from your POS. Click the ‘Future’ button to add courses you will take in coming semesters.

9 Here you will select courses, one by one, that you plan to take in future semesters. You can select specific courses by entering the prefix (Ex: PAF) in the subject area and adding a specific number (Ex: 792) or you may search by a numeric range (Ex: 700-799.) Click the Search button.

10 The screen shot on the left displays your choices if you searched a range of course numbers (500-599). The shot on the right displays the results of a search for a single, specific course (PAF 792).

11 Once you have chosen a course to add, you must indicate what semester and year the course will be taken in as well as for how many credits (only on variable credit courses, such as PAF 792.) Click Save and Continue.

12 You will then see the course added to your ‘ASU Courses Added to POS’ list. You will also see how many credits are currently listed on your POS. Click the ‘Future’ button again to repeat the process of course selection until your POS includes 42 credit hours of courses (remember that prerequisite courses cannot be listed on the iPOS).

13 Once your POS has the required 42 credits listed you will continue on to a few other questions before you submit your POS. Generally, students will NOT add courses from other institutions. Select No from the dropdown menu. Click Save and Continue.

14 This is where you indicate your program advisor. Every student needs to select the MPA/MPP Director as their advisor. Assign them as the Chair role.

15 Your final screen is the Summary screen. When the POS is ready to be submitted, there will be a button on the bottom right to Submit the POS (next slide). There will be a notification that your POS is ready to be submitted. It will also notify you if there are any issues that will prevent you from submitting your POS (such as needing to file a petition, etc.).

16 Your POS is NOT submitted until you click the Submit POS button. Click that to send your POS for approval at the department level. Be sure to check you’re My ASU page periodically to see if any revisions to your POS are required.

17 You will be notified that your POS has been submitted. Your POS was not submitted unless you receive the notification indicated below.

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