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Domain Specific Kit for Business Rule Management By Netsoft.

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1 Domain Specific Kit for Business Rule Management By Netsoft

2 Outline Background Information Problem Definition Current Approaches System Features Technologies that will be used Where are we? Future Work

3 Background Information

4 Domain Specific Kit Implementation for Business Rule Management Main Concern: Separating business rule management from the details of the information system

5 Problem Definition

6 Support for situations that need external connections like Web Services External Databases External API's.

7 Current Approaches Internal Rule and Fact Database Internal Processing of these -Visual Rules -Java's Drool -inRules

8 Current Approaches Problem with these approaches: External Connections like Web Services-API's are not supported

9 System Features

10 Domain Specific Language Domain Specific Engine Domain Specific Tool

11 DSL A Markup Language Extension of RuleML XML Based Support tags for external entities Web Service RDBMS External API

12 DSE Central Part of the project Main features: Processing of DSL (Client Side Binding)‏ Having Connection Points with outside world(Server Side Binding)‏

13 DST User Interface Part Communication with DSE and user via DSL Two Different views Editorial (DSL)‏ Graphical

14 Technologies Java Web Technologies XML, XSL, XSLT WSDL (For web service communication)‏

15 Where we are? 3 Meetings with Mr. Cetin Weekly meetings with our assistant System Requirements and initial Design are completed

16 Future... Detailed Design and Prototype implementation

17 Thank you!

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