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Computer/Video Game Development Karen Petersen Lead Gameplay Programmer Telltale Games.

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1 Computer/Video Game Development Karen Petersen Lead Gameplay Programmer Telltale Games

2 Background BA Mathematics BS Computer Science Game Credits: –Escape From Monkey Island (Scripter) –Star Wars Bounty Hunter (Programmer – UI, porting) –CSI: 3 Dimensions of Murder (Lead Gameplay Programmer)

3 Game Development Team QA Art Engineerin g Production Design

4 Phases Concept Game Design Technical Specifications Preproduction Production QA Release

5 Concept Phase Game Type Game Perspective Target Audience Platform (PC, Console, Handheld) Timeframe Cost/Budget General Features Treatment

6 Game Design Concept Art Gameplay Mechanics Documentation

7 Technical Specifications Art Path “Level Editor” Design Engine Design

8 Preproduction Core engine implementation Development tool implementation Core asset creation (meshes, textures, skeletons, animations) Game object creation (levels/sets/scenes, objects, characters, UI) Basic game logic wiring Goal: First playable/proof of concept

9 Production Milestones Alpha Milestone Beta Milestone

10 QA Critical Path Play Testing Bug Identification Bug Resolution Playability User Feedback

11 Release Gold master Ship it! Manufacturing Post mortem Maintenance

12 Areas of Game Programming General Physics AI Graphics Sound Gameplay UI Network Tools Scripting Porting Lead

13 Engineering Layers Game Logic Scripting Core Engine and Tools

14 Engineering Practices Code Re-use Speed Efficiency Memory Management Debugging Data Driven Localization

15 What qualities does a programmer require? To make it in the field, a programmer must be part engineer and part Sherlock Holmes. They have a thirst for knowledge and technology and most importantly, the power of insight. He or she usually has a strong interest in the Maths (the interesting stuff after beginner algebra), and has a very inquisitive and problem-solving nature. They are the sort of person who got in trouble for taking the VCR apart to see what was inside it. Programmers, despite the stereotype are highly creative people - to be good in the field it requires creativity to push machines, try things differently and to dream up new ways of solving problems. … To make games, you will have to do a lot of work and independently teach yourself about a great range of topics.

16 Often Overlooked Engineering Practices Client Relationship Useable Tech Communication Iterative Process

17 Resources Effective C++, Scott Meyers More Effective C++, Scott Meyers Game Programming Gems (series) Gamasutra Game Developer magazine Game Developer’s Conference (GDC)

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