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Northshore Community College Public MA Community College 4 campus locations –4200 FTE –2500+ non-credit –90+ progams of study Career,LA,Transfer Technical.

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1 Northshore Community College Public MA Community College 4 campus locations –4200 FTE –2500+ non-credit –90+ progams of study Career,LA,Transfer Technical Training –136 Full-time faculty –Approx. 360 adjunct

2 Increased communications among all constituents Advising - remove barriers & highlight the benefits 24 x 7 access to teaching and learning services Cure inefficiencies, automate and streamline processes, and reduce back-office support Enhance support and service for students and faculty Integrated email and learning mgmt. system –Automated account maintenance Acceptance of Web as the way we deliver services What we wanted – Year 2000

3 Getting There with Portal Integration Service Technologies Learning & Teaching Technologies Business & Communication Technologies UDC Portal 1.Easier Administration 2.Dynamic Account Generation 3.Scalable 4.Consistent Interface 5.Single Sign On 6.Ease of use 7.Maximize effectiveness

4 How We Got There Build vs. Buy? – Out of the Box Integration –Assessed Internal Expertise Requirements / Limitations Integration - primary consideration for all services Recover Investments and Streamline Processes with no Additional IT staff Obtainable Initial Targets (3 mo. to develop pilot) Training (Ensured a consistent strategy by all depts.) Phased in New Services Initial Successes Further Emphasized Strategic Importance Self Assistance Tools (Extremely important) Continual Communication and Behind the Scenes Support

5 What we have now– Yr. 2007 Improved Communications: –online Prospect and follow up, targeted messaging –course resource areas for every course –dynamic email distribution lists for faculty for all courses –many paperless processes and content mgmt. tools Identified Return on Investment and Value (3 yr. return) Disparate Services Between Campuses More Equalized Integrated Online Teaching and Learning Available 24x7 Dramatically improved Student and Administrative Services Increased Enrollment and Retention A Community Connected Through a Unified Digital Campus Flexible, Adaptable and Scalable System for Future Elevated Reputation

6 Online Prospect & Communications Online Admissions Online Prospect / E-recruit Project –Areas of interest and department pages –Uses Banner recruitment module –Instant feedback to students –Completely electronic Cross Component Communications Team On the Spot Admissions: –HS guidance counselors/early acceptance events

7 ROI and Value Summary Investments Include: All Hardware, All Software Third party software – LMS, Touchnet, etc. All Maintenance, Security & Monitoring All Training, All IS Staff time FY2001 FY2002 FY2003FY2004 FY2005 Fiscal Year Timeline 100K 200k 300k 400k 500k 600k 700k 800k 900k 1 million 1.1 million 1.2 million Return/Cost Avoidance Investments = $1,098,000 = $ 933,400 Net Return 164,600

8 Measuring Effectiveness State Performance Measures: –Increased enrollments, retention and financial ratios Consistent interface to all systems leading to high usage –Online services utilization, Unique logins –Online course growth & enrollments Satisfaction surveys Return on investment – tracked in detail Cultural (soft but can be used as measurement) College community wants more and more services Communication Enhancements

9 Cultural Changes Assisted in Breaking Down Departmental Silos Higher Level of Critical thinking –More customer service, function & process based –Online services embedded into the culture –Constantly questioning how to do things better Digital Imaging - student services a primary driver A True Student Services Centered Focus is Emerging

10 Technology Enabled Institutional Changes Enrollment Centers - (registrar, recruit, admit) Recruitment Now Involves: –Marketing, Communications Team, Web, Academic Component and Recruitment Dept. Integrated Student Financial Services and FA College Wide Cross Functional Communications Team Institutional Image Council Strategic Enrollment Management Planning Communications Cross Component Team

11 Preparing for the Next 5 yrs. Enrollment Management –Customer Relationship Expansion Data Warehouse - Easier Institutional Reporting: –Business intelligence and portal dashboards –KPIs and institutional performance –More data driven decisions Try to Keep Up With Student Expectations? –Live chat (IM) pilot for recruitment, My Space –Advising (more self service - on demand videos) Alumni Relationships

12 Summary Infrastructure and integration provides flexibility for future Ease of use leading to High utilization rates and adoption was and is a key factor in our successes Provided Integrated building path for enhancing communication (academic, student, and administrative), instructional support and redesigning services Additional value from extended integration to internally developed systems and applications. Data collected from surveys, usage rates, additional services requests and overall satisfaction proved its value as a good business and customer service model for NSCC

13 Online Resources –Interactive overview of portal and e-recruitment –Cost recovery spreadsheet, student feedback surveys, contact information, etc.

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