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Collaboration Board Summary K. Long, 27 June, 2015.

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1 Collaboration Board Summary K. Long, 27 June, 2015

2 Spokesman’s report (Alain Blondel) MOM shifts for 2009 presented Shifts will start May 2009 –Paul Kyberd will coordinate shift schedule –Rose Hayes contact for ‘practicalities’ Online group presented and endorsed Target organisation structure presented and endorsed Software priorities: –Top priority is to complete G4MICE from downstream end of decay solenoid to end of MICE Review of MANX discussed: MICE response: –Welcome initiatives to exploit MICE facility in 6D cooling programme –Technical comments from MICE/MANX review committee MICE report to FAC (MICE Note 230) to be updated yearly –Comments solicited Emphasised need to complete C2C review

3 Project Managers Report In the absence of A. Nichols there was no report Issues raised: –DK: More collaborators from RAL Continue to seek collaborators from PPD and ASTEC Need to seek to increase collaboration numbers from elsewhere too –MZ: Expressed concern over support for the Project Manager Need to consider how additional support can be provided

4 Common Fund (Ken Long) Collection of 2008/09 levy continues –Initial suggestions for contributions in kind discussed –Status of collection presented Expenditure on Common Fund –Initial review of commitments presented –Spend on beam-line maintenance and operations discussed Need to work towards interpretation of list of allowable charges to Common Fund laid down in the Common Fund agreement

5 Speakers’ Bureau Report (V. Palladino) In the absence of VP there was no report

6 Next meetings: Summer meeting: 31May—03Jun – RAL Autumn meeting: Sep/Oct 2009 – LBNL –Options for dates to be circulated as soon as possible (MZ) Importance of consulting and defining schedule of meetings early emphasised: –Dates for Collaboration Meetings in 2010 to be proposed soon (ABl, KL)

7 Schedule for election of next Collaboration Board Chairperson Schedule: –Call for nominations: April 2009 –Election at CM24 in May/Jun –New chairperson’s term starts at CM25

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