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CHAPTER 10 Internal Selection.

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1 CHAPTER 10 Internal Selection

2 Preliminary Issues The Logic of Prediction Types of Predictors
Selection Plan

3 Initial Assessment Methods
Skills Inventory (traditional, upgraded, customized) Peer Assessments Self-Assessments

4 Initial Assessment Methods (Cont.)
Managerial Sponsorship Informal Discussions Career Concepts

5 Evaluation of Initial Assessment Methods (Ex. 10.5, pg. 505)
Use—Skills inventories, informal methods Reliability—Peer Assessments! Validity—Peer Assessments Utility Reactions Adverse Impact—Informal methods?

6 Substantive Assessment Methods
Seniority & Experience Use & Evaluation Job Knowledge Tests Performance Appraisal Promotability Ratings (See Ex 10.7, pg. 511)

7 Substantive Assessment Methods (Cont.)
Assessment Centers (in-basket exercise, leaderless group discussion, case analysis, validity & effectiveness practices) Interview Simulations (role-play, fact finding, oral presentations) Promotion Panels & Review Boards

8 Evaluation of Initial Assessment Methods (Ex. 10.11, pg. 521)
No single best method to narrow down candidate list to finalists Job knowledge tests are promising Interview simulations are promising for jobs with public contact

9 Discretionary Assessment Methods
Applicant Reactions Legal Issues (UGESP, Glass Ceiling)

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