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ATTACHMENT THEORY John Bowlby & Mary Ainsworth (mid-late 1950’s)

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1 ATTACHMENT THEORY John Bowlby & Mary Ainsworth (mid-late 1950’s)

2 CHARACTERISTICS Proximity Seeking Secure Base Effect Separation Protest


4 OTHER CHARACTERISTICS Elicitation by Threat Specificity of Attachment Figure Inaccessibility to conscious control Persistence Insensitivity to experience with attachment figure

5 PREVIOUS THEORIES Psychoanalytic Theory of Secondary Drive Primary Object Sucking Theory Primary Object Clinging Theory Primary Return to Womb Theory

6 ATTACHMENT BEHAVIOR A class of social behavior equivalent to mating behavior and parental behavior Seen in non-human primates and other animal species

7 Patterns of Differentially Directed Behavior Differential vocalization Differential stopping of crying on being held Differential crying on mother’s departure Differential smiling at visual Differential visual-postural orientation Differential greeting response Differential approach Differential following Differential climbing & exploring Differential burying of face Use of mother as base from which to explore Flight to mother as haven of safety Differential clinging

8 ATTACHMENT & NEUROBIOLOGY “Attachment is internal, built into the nervous system, in the course and as a result of the infant’s experience of his transactions with the mother” – Ainsworth Limbic System


10 ATTACHMENT THROUGHOUT THE LIFE SPAN Attachment continues throughout one’s life span Adult Pair Bonds Parental Attachment


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