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An Introduction to: By Ross Litman ’10 & Kate Morrow ‘11 Kate Morrow ‘11.

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1 An Introduction to: By Ross Litman ’10 & Kate Morrow ‘11 Kate Morrow ‘11

2 What is Skype? Skype is a software application that allows users to make voice calls over the Internet. With Skype you can: – Call other Skype users for free – Call (both domestic and international) landlines and cell phones for a small fee Additional features include: – instant messaging – file transfer – video conferencing.

3 How does it help me? Enables to stay in touch with – Faculty – Students – Study abroad sites – Alumni – Family and friends

4 How does Skype help Students and Faculty? Helps Muhlenberg students keep in touch with other international and American students that they met while abroad. Enables conference calling for project purposes. Keeps students connected with alumni and other faculty who may be abroad. – e.g., faculty in the Maastricht program Allows faculty and students to video conference with their families.

5 Where do I start? In order to use Skype you must first create a Skype account. You will need a username and a password. Let’s begin by clicking on “Don’t have a Skype name?” highlighted in orange. Step One: Creating an Account

6 Where do I start? After clicking “Don’t have a Skype name?” you will be presented with this screen. Here you will enter your name, Skype name, and password. When you are done, make sure to click the box next to the word “Yes” and then click next.

7 Where do I start? Here you will need to enter a valid e-mail address. You may also enter the country and city where you reside. However this is optional information and is not necessary. After you are done, click the “Sign In” button (which will turn silver from gray) and you will be signed into Skype.

8 How do I use Skype? Double Click on the Skype icon on your desktop You will be presented with a log-on window. Type your username and password, then click “Sign In.” Step Two: Logging On

9 How do I use Skype? After you have logged in, this screen will appear. This screen lists all of your contacts. The ones in green are online and available to “Skype” with you. Step Three: Your Contacts

10 Understanding Skype Conventions On Skype you have the option of setting your status – Your status (i.e. Available, Away, Busy, Offline) will notify your contacts of your availability. You also can change your language settings to another language/native language Additionally, you can set a profile which gives information such as: – Birthday – Location – Phone Number

11 Understanding Skype Conventions Capabilities available to Skype users include: – Audio Calls Multi-person conferencing – Video Calls – Instant Messaging – File Transfer – SMS/Text Messaging directly to a user’s cell phone – Calling landline phones – Creating and editing profiles

12 Skype Menus Skype Menu Contacts Menu Conversation Menu Call Menu View Menu Tools Menu Help Menu

13 How do I use Skype? Let’s begin by highlighting a contact’s name on the contact list. After highlighting the person’s name, click the green “Call” button to initiate a call. When you want to end a call, simply click the red button to the left of the call timer. Step Four: Making a Call

14 How do I use Skype? When making a video call, the same procedure is used as when making an audio call. Instead of clicking the green “Call” button you will click the button to the right of it labeled “Video Call.” Also, make sure your video camera is plugged in otherwise that button will not show up and you will not be able to make a video call.

15 How do I use Skype? With Skype you can also instant message a contact instead of initiating a video call with that person. To send an instant message simply click on the contact’s name once and a new display window will appear with a box at the bottom where you will input text. Also you can view the history of the instant message as demonstrated on-screen. Step Five: Sending an Instant Message

16 How do I use Skype? How do I: – Add a contact? – Delete a contact? – Block someone?

17 The End Thank you for taking the time to attend our presentation and most importantly: Enjoy Skype!

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