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Open Source Business Models Results Kelly Puth Melanie Edmondson.

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1 Open Source Business Models Results Kelly Puth Melanie Edmondson

2 Did the articles provide a good summary of Open Source Business Models?

3 Please give us feedback on the readings. The readings were... Technical Long Engaging Informational Helpful

4 The movie was very helpful That guy on the video was funny The analogy of eateries and free birthday dinners really helped open source revenue make sense The video was very informative while keeping my attention (this is hard to do - god job). video was cool What was the best part of our presentation?

5 The presentation was clear and concise? Yes No Unclear Too long

6 The video clip was... Interesting Helpful It was a nice break from straight lecture

7 The level of interaction was... Non existent Could have had more interaction Just the right amount

8 How could we have improved our presentation? It was good but one of you read off your note cards and the PowerPoint a little too much. Tie in video clips in more fluid ways Not sure, Maybe introduce the wandering dog...I don't think the dog liked me and it was a bit of a let down. not sure, really liked the video though. more new information like how the os looks More interaction

9 The overall presentation was... Bad Okay Good Excellent

10 Open Source OS Revolution Future Business Models Advantages Disadvantages Difficult to Use Broader Market Closeness to Customer Lower Financial Aspect Development Speed Eric Raymond Higher Cost for Technical Support and Updates Poor Integration with Commercial Software No Warranty Higher Cost of Operation Less Concern For IP Protection Major Competitor with Commercial Software MySQL Free Software Charge for Other Services Richard Stallman Linus Torvalds Cathedral & Bazaar

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