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Laura Jeffrey Oct 2007 Getting the most out of the Library for new students.

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1 Laura Jeffrey Oct 2007 Getting the most out of the Library for new students

2 Outcomes After this session you will Be aware of the range of services on offer Know how to effectively search the library catalogue Be aware of the range of resources in print and online

3 Where is the library and when can I visit it?

4 Libraries College Main Library – most subjects Palace Green – Law and Music Education Queen’s Campus Stockton Opening hours vary Don’t forget your campus card

5 My subject doesn’t use many books. Does that mean I don’t need to go to the library?

6 Study areas –Silent –Group –Study rooms Wireless & laptop loan, Open Access PCs Photocopying The online library – access where & whenever you chooseThe online library Facilities

7 How much can I borrow and for how long?

8 Borrowing Undergraduates = 20 print items at one time Loan types –Long Loan = 3 weeks –3 day –Short Loan = 4 hours, overnight, over the weekend Use borrowing machines –You must not have overdue books or fines of more than £5 Returns –Machine at Main Library –Leave at Service Point in other libraries

9 What happens if I bring a book back late?

10 Fines Fines are charged according to the loan type Short£1.00 per item per hour 3 day£1.00 per item per day Long20p per item per day but if wanted by another user: £1.00 per item per day Pay at Enquiries on Level 2 or the service point at other libraries You must stay below £5 or you will not be able to borrow or renew items

11 I can’t remember when my books are due and I’ve lost the receipt the machine gave me. Should I come in to the library to ask?

12 Your record Check due dates - if someone else wants a book we will email you Select contact options Renew books up to 4 times as long as no- one else wants them Check fines, bookings and reservations Reading history

13 I’ve just received my reading list. What does it all mean?

14 Reading list references Parkin, M. (2005) Economics. Boston: Addison Wesley. Stedman-Jones, S. (2000) ‘Fact/value’ in Jenks, C. (ed.) Core sociological dichotomies. London: Sage, pp. 7-14. Vassylyev, D. (2007) ‘Structural basis for substrate loading in bacterial RNA polymerase ’, Nature, 448(7150), pp. 163-168.

15 My school library had a small selection of books so we just browsed the shelves. How will I find what I need?

16 Using the catalogue The Library Catalogue contains records of all printed and online resourcesCatalogue Search University and/or College Libraries –Author –Title –Keyword Browse by shelfmark

17 Everything on my reading list has been borrowed and my essay is due in next week. What can I do?

18 Wider resources Online resources always available such as e-booksOnline resources Browsing the shelves Reservations Bookings on Short Loan Liaison librarians

19 Can’t I just use Google?

20 Internet Who is the author? Their affiliation? Bias? Who hosts the site? When was it published? Are there any references to follow up? Use gateways for pre-evaluated web resources e.g. IntutegatewaysIntute Tutorials

21 If I’ve got a reading list should I just use that for my references?

22 Keeping references Check departmental style Include page numbers where necessary for quotes, chapters and articles Keep records as you go along – may differ from reading list Avoid plagiarism Email records from catalogue Set up reading history

23 How will I remember where to go to get access to all these resources?

24 Subject pages Links to resources Contact details Training material

25 What happens when I’ve forgotten all this in a few weeks time?

26 Assistance Enquiries and service points at university and college libraries Online enquiry service Academic Support Team

27 Hands-on experience Take time to explore the library web pages and resources. Go New Students page and try online training

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