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Historical Research Top 10 List. Number 10 Not everything is on Google… yet.

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1 Historical Research Top 10 List

2 Number 10 Not everything is on Google… yet

3 Number 9 You can use many of the library databases, electronic journals, collections of primary sources from home.

4 Number 8 Despite all the stuff online you won't be able to escape actually coming into the library.

5 Number 7 Despite the size of this library, we won't have everything you need so you’ll have to get stuff from other libraries.

6 Number 6 Secondary sources are easier to identify and locate than primary sources.

7 Secondary Sources Accounts written after the fact by scholars. Interpretations of history based on an analysis of primary sources. Formats: Books Journal articles Dissertations

8 Number 5 The existence, type and availability of primary sources differs for different periods of times and subjects.

9 Historians & Primary Sources Primary sources are the evidence used by historians in their analysis/interpretation of the past, in their creation of secondary sources. Secondary sources carefully cite the evidence in footnotes. Primary sources help us make personal connections with the past.




13 Number 4 One of the quickest ways to identify primary sources is to mine the footnotes and bibliography of a secondary source.

14 Number 3 There are hundreds of databases – choose the ones most likely to cover your topic and the type of material you need A great starting point to find relevant databases for historical research is under Resources by Subject - History

15 Number 2 Learn how to communicate with a library database.

16 Database searching generalities Literal If you type in a phrase it will search for the phrase Boolean operators/connectors AND - narrows OR - broadens Truncation/wildcard Allows you to easily search for variant word endings * in the UW Libraries Catalog, America History & Life and many other databases

17 Boolean: AND cartography AND exploration cartography exploration

18 Boolean: OR maps OR cartography cartography maps

19 Boolean: combining (cartography or maps) AND exploration cartography maps exploration

20 Finally… Number 1 Help is available... Email me at IM me at t_mudrock (yahoo IM) 24/7 reference help through Q&A Live

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