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1 Student Administration Advisory Group December 5, 2007.

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1 1 Student Administration Advisory Group December 5, 2007

2 2 AGENDA General Updates Planning for Product Strategy

3 3 General Updates Revised Student Billing and Due Dates Version 9 Upgrade Course Evaluations Textbooks Enterprise Directory Two Factor Authentication Kuali Student (open source effort) MAIS Connection Conference in 2008

4 4 Product Strategy Looking back on planned/actual capacity Lessons learned External changes to process Recommended changes to process Need to develop criteria Timeframes Next Steps

5 5 Planned Capacity by Product FY07

6 6 Planned Capacity by Product FY08

7 7 Planned Capacity by Product Multiple Years

8 8 Planned vs Budgeted by Product FY06 and FY07

9 9 Planned Capacity by Service FY07

10 10 Planned Capacity by Service FY08

11 11 Planned vs Budgeted by Service FY06 and FY07

12 12 Planned Capacity by Service Multiple Years

13 13 Lessons Learned Need to allocate time for surprises/mandates Need to do more outreach to other areas (OBP, Provost Office, etc.) Having a strategic plan to guide us would help Supporting processes that cross org boundaries and leverage integrated system provide better return and seem to be of more interest as systems mature Estimates are just that; need to leave room for contingency Need to consider impact on campus/timing MAIS Employee Satisfaction Survey – workload issues Others???

14 14 External Changes to Process Potential budget cuts MAIS need to cover new products and services  Development  Research  Business Intelligence  Academic Department System? Need for common tools  Portal, Workflow, Notification  Imaging Role of MAIS Advisory Committee

15 15 Recommended Changes to Process More outreach than just our advisory groups Capacity allocations  Think across teams Iterative prioritization Consider strategic planning (needs, direction) Continue:  Try to reduce modifications before next upgrade  Consulting/Leveraging current functionality and data

16 16 Criteria What will we use to make recommendations on priorities  Used to be self-service, cost-savings  What Now? Strategic use of data Process integration Support for academic departments ???

17 17 Timeframes Planning Process  January start  February/March check-in  May and June priority setting May understand capacity better at this point  Quarterly reviews and revisions Window of Opportunity  May 2008 – June 2010  Next Upgrade June 2011? Maybe 2012?

18 18 Detailed Product Strategy Process 1. Determine capacity 2. Collect items for lists 3. Prioritized based on external input from central offices and advisory groups 4. Present at SAAG 5. Present to other areas in MAIS for capacity planning and prioritization

19 19 SA Product Strategy Process 6. Scope projects, estimate effort, draft timelines 7. Work with central offices, product area advisory groups and SAAG as necessary on changes to lists (iterative) 8. Project plans will be created and analysis/design work will start as timelines dictate. Status will be reported through scorecards.

20 20 Wrap Up Questions? Next meeting - January 9, 2008

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