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English 111G Rhetoric and Composition Skills and methods used in writing university-level essays.

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1 English 111G Rhetoric and Composition Skills and methods used in writing university-level essays.

2 Rhetoric So What is Rhetoric?

3 Rhetoric Aristotle’s definition Let rhetoric be an ability, in each case, to see the means available of persuasion. This is the function of no other art. The Art of Persuasion

4 Rhetoric From Merriam-Webster On-line the art of speaking or writing effectively the study of principles and rules of composition formulated by critics of ancient times the study of writing or speaking as a means of communication or persuasion

5 Rhetoric Combining the Two the purposeful use of language to accomplish a specific end or goal; it involves a writer/speaker shaping a message using appropriate language for a reader/audience in order to accomplish an articulated outcome. Dr. Christopher Burnham PhD.

6 Back to Aristotle Aristotle stated that there were three important areas necessary for effective communication and persuasion. He called these three areas the Rhetorical Triangle.

7 Rhetoric Ethos PathosLogos The Rhetorical Triangle

8 Rhetoric The Rhetorical Triangle Ethos – Ethical Appeal The Author Pathos – Emotional Appeal The Reader Logos – Logical Appeal The Text

9 Rhetorical Triangle While Aristotle believed that a good rhetor used an equal balance of ethos, pathos, and logos, not all forms of writing require an equal balance of these three components. You determine the shape of the Rhetorical Triangle for each writing situation.

10 Rhetoric Ethos PathosLogos Ethos LogosPathos Academic writing uses more ethos and logos but does not exclude pathos.

11 English 111G Rhetoric and Composition: Skills and methods used in writing university-level essays.

12 Composition The process and study of creating written works The name of the professional field that deals with teaching writing

13 Composition From ENGL111G Course Objectives construct multiple-paragraph essays with a clear thesis and adequate evidence in a variety of modes acceptable in college- level courses, such as argumentation, exposition, narration, and description;

14 Modes of Writing Narrative Expository Descriptive Persuasive Imaginative

15 Narrative Writing Presents a series of events in order to inform or entertain. Can be both fiction or non-fiction. Within academic essays, narrative writing can be used to relate an anecdote, particularly in an introduction or as part of an example.

16 Narrative Writing Narrative writing is used for anecdotes and illustrative examples personal writing creative writing fiction

17 Expository Writing Presents factual information about a subject Main purpose is to inform Should be objective and unbiased Within academic essays, we use expository writing when we present factual information, such as background or research finding

18 Expository Writing Expository writing is used to report facts summarize ideas define terms explain a process give instructions

19 Expository Writing Comparing and Contrasting Cause and Effect Proposing a Solution Evaluation

20 Descriptive Writing Descriptive writing tries to convey a particular impression of a person, place, or thing using vivid imagery and specific detail Conveys emotions or attitude

21 Descriptive Writing Descriptive writing is used in Narratives or stories Reports Personal experiences Character sketches Advertising Poetry

22 Persuasive Writing used to convince the audience to believe or agree with the writer ’ s argument or interpretation relies primarily on logic and specific supporting examples Most advanced academic writing is done in the persuasive mode.

23 Persuasive Writing Persuasive writing is used in Literary analysis Historical analysis Debates Research Papers Advertising

24 Works Cited Hogan, D. Writing With Style January 7, 2003 Poway Unified School District, August 24, 2004

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