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Uli Schäfer 1 Production modules Status Plans JEM: Status and plans.

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1 Uli Schäfer 1 Production modules Status Plans JEM: Status and plans

2 Uli Schäfer 2 Sum processor XC2V2000 Jet processor XC2V3000 4 input modules (IM) v1.1 (XC2V1500, SCAN921260) TTCdec module Control Module (CM) v1.3 CAN VME control Fan-out of configuration lines G-link readout module (RM) v1.2 JEM1.3 (production)

3 Uli Schäfer 3 Minor modifications of JEM wrt pre-production modules: silk screen, pads for CLKdes2 terminators, reduced bypass capacitance on 3.3V supply due to crate supply oscillations 4 pre-production + 41 production = 45 fully functional modules to be used on ATLAS 32 in JEP crates + 13 spares ! Yield so far: 2 defective JEMs found : NO BGA issues, just one short on connector and one chip mounted in wrong orientation 8 input modules with BGA issues (replace?) 7 input modules with minor issues (rework?) small numbers of defective control and G-link modules From pre-production to production

4 Uli Schäfer 4 Many production issues with prototypes and pre- production All production steps have taken far longer than scheduled, minimum a factor of two Problems were reported only shortly before delivery dates, even if they were known for quite a while 3 iterations of input module PCB (impedance issues and others) 2 iterations of JEM PCB (impedance) Wrong component (SMB voltage sensor) mounted on control module Inverted tantalum on control module  rework Insufficient cleaning and drying of input modules leading to malfunction  rework Module production story

5 Uli Schäfer 5 Record electronic serial number JTAG B/Scan Input modules Control modules JEM main boards Flash and check CPLDs and CAN controller Basic LVDS link tests : lock / no lock to 40MHz square Acceptance tests (Bruno)

6 Uli Schäfer 6 Interface tests only, using counter patterns (linear ramp) Error detection mainly in firmware Basically using features built into production firmware for timing calibration Interfaces tested: LVDS inputs - ramp pattern required for timing calibration (PPM!) FIO - pattern detection required for timing calibration (not yet included in jet production firmware) DAQ and ROI links - software error detection CMM - parity detection, pattern generation (so far) in dedicated firmware For details see Markus / Andrea Full system tests with ROD readout at CERN only… “System” tests, Mainz trigger lab

7 Uli Schäfer 7 ship 8 crate-tested JEMs on March 19 to make a full crate of JEMs available for system tests at CERN continue production tests in Mainz (~ 2 weeks) delay further module shipment until crate situation at CERN becomes clear full JEP system tests at CERN as soon as infrastructure complete Meanwhile: cabling, crate issues, firmware, software… Plans

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