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Recognition Process (HTK)

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1 Recognition Process (HTK)
Tools Lexicon Syntactic Network “phonemes” Input:Speech recognition Output: Text

2 Phonemes A set of (typically) 40-50 phonemic symbols
symbols (TIMIT/SAMPA) conforming to IPA Language-dependent Modelled in stochastic models (HMMs) Trained on large annotated speech databases Additional silence and garbage models (for rejection)

3 Lexicon (HTK) phonemic tr. Orthographic forms
A ah sp A ax sp A ey sp CALL k ao l sp DIAL d ay ax l sp EIGHT ey t sp PHONE f ow n sp SENT-END [] sil SENT-START [] sil SEVEN s eh v n sp TO t ax sp TO t uw sp ZERO z ia r ow sp phonemic tr. Orthographic forms output string if not the orth. form

4 Syntactic Network (HTK)

5 Expansion of structures 1

6 Expansion of structures 2

7 HTK Standard Lattice HTK tools GrapHvite NetBuilder CPK NLP Suite
1) Implement grammar in HTK (EBNF-like) grammar definition language 2) Use HParse on grammar to create HTK Standard Lattice 3) Create word list (no tool for deriving WL from grammar!) 4) Use HDMan to create Dictionary with transcriptions (presupposes pronunciation dictionary) GrapHvite NetBuilder 1) “Draw” the network(s) 2) export word list and add transcriptions CPK NLP Suite

8 Making a grammar network (HTK)

9 Using the HTK Grammar Tools
An EBNF-like grammar definition language HTK tools: Hparse, Hbuild, HSGen, HDMan $digit = ONE | TWO | THREE | FOUR | FIVE | SIX | SEVEN | EIGHT | NINE | OH | ZERO; $name = [ JOOP ] JANSEN | [ JULIAN ] ODELL | [ DAVE ] OLLASON | [ PHIL ] WOODLAND | [ STEVE ] YOUNG; ( SENT-START ( DIAL <$digit> | (PHONE|CALL) $name) SENT-END )

10 Using GrapHvite Grammar Tool
Visual Netbuilder:

11 GrapHvite NetBuilder # Define size of network: N=num nodes and L=num arcs N=4 L=8 # List nodes: I=node-number, W=word I=0 W=start I=1 W=end I=2 W=bit I=3 W=but # List arcs: J=arc-number, S=start-node, E=end-node J=0 S=0 E=2 J=1 S=0 E=3 J=2 S=3 E=1 J=3 S=2 E=1 J=4 S=2 E=3 J=5 S=3 E=3 J=6 S=3 E=2 J=7 S=2 E=2

12 CPK Suite

13 Testing/running mygram.aps
testing on a test database apspars mygram.aps mygram.snt testing random generation apssgen mygram.aps simulating recognition apstrec mygram.aps 0 simulating speech understanding apstslu mygram.aps 0 fullgram HTK standard lattice apsconv -f -h mygram.aps

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