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Adobe Photoshop CS Design Professional SELECTIONS MAKING.

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1 Adobe Photoshop CS Design Professional SELECTIONS MAKING

2 Chapter C2Making Selections Make a selection using shapes Modify a marquee Select using color and modify a selection Add a vignette effect to a selection Chapter Lessons

3 Chapter C3Making Selections Most Photoshop images are created using compositing: –Combining images from different sources Making Selections Combining Images

4 Chapter C4Making Selections Other Photoshop images Royalty-free images Pictures from digital cameras Scanned artwork Sources for Images

5 Chapter C5Making Selections Understanding Selection Tools Selection tools are used to select images in order to modify them Two selection methods are available: –Using a tool –Using color

6 Chapter C6Making Selections Choosing a Selection Tool Examine images to evaluate selection options Learn how to identify edges to use to isolate imagery Learn how to spot colors that can be used to isolate a specific object

7 Chapter C7Making Selections Make a Selection Using Shapes Selecting by Shape Use Freeform tools to select irregular shapes –Click the tool on the toolbox, then drag the pointer around the object Use Fixed-Area tools to select objects that are rectangular or elliptical

8 Chapter C8Making Selections Selection Tools Available

9 Chapter C9Making Selections Understanding Marquees A selected shaped is enclosed by a marquee Elliptical Marquee Marquee surrounding an irregular shape

10 Chapter C10Making Selections Fastening Points An anchor within the marquee Created each time the Selection tool is clicked Visible when Polygonal or Magnetic Lasso tools are used to select an object

11 Chapter C11Making Selections Working with Selections Move a selection Copy a selection Transform a selection Make adjustments to a selection To deselect an image, click Select on the menu bar, then click Deselect

12 Chapter C12Making Selections Placing a Selection Copy or cut a selection, then paste it to a different location or to a different image Use the Move Tool to drag a selection to a new location

13 Chapter C13Making Selections Selection Tasks

14 Chapter C14Making Selections Using Guides Non-printable horizontal and vertical lines Used to help position a selection To create a guide, position the pointer on either ruler, then click and drag the guide into position

15 Chapter C15Making Selections Using the Magnetic Lasso Tool Use the Magnetic Lasso tool to select an irregular shape Click the tool on the edge of the shape to create a fastening point Drag the pointer around the shape Click directly over the initial fastening point to close the shape

16 Chapter C16Making Selections Magnetic Lasso Tool Settings

17 Chapter C17Making Selections Tips for Making Selections Move the mouse slowly Keep your hand steady Make sure your mouse is well cared for and functioning properly

18 Chapter C18Making Selections Modify a Marquee Changing the Size of a Marquee Use selection buttons from the options bar to: –Add to and subtract from a marquee –Intersect with a selection

19 Chapter C19Making Selections Expanding a Marquee Marquee surrounds rectangle Selection expanded to include three shapes Marquee expanded by 5 pixels

20 Chapter C20Making Selections Marquee Modifications Expand a marquee Contract a marquee Smooth out the edges of a marquee Enlarge a marquee and add a border

21 Chapter C21Making Selections Select Using Color and Modify a Selection Selection Options Use the Color Range command on the Select menu OR Use the Magic Wand Tool on the toolbox

22 Chapter C22Making Selections Using the Color Range Command Select the Color Range command to open the Color Range dialog box Identify which colors to use to make a selection Exclude colors, if necessary Click Select on the menu bar, then click Color Range to open the Color Range dialog box

23 Chapter C23Making Selections Magic Wand Tool Options Four selection buttons Tolerance setting used to specify whether similar pixels will be selected Anti-aliased check box used to soften the appearance of the selection

24 Chapter C24Making Selections More Magic Wand Tool Options Contiguous check box used to select pixels that are next to one another Use All Layers check box used to select pixels from all layers

25 Chapter C25Making Selections Selection Tips Identify the shape to select Assess the qualities of the object Decide which method to use: color or magic wand –Color: object includes common colors –Magic wand: object includes identifiable edges and a definable shape

26 Chapter C26Making Selections Transforming a Selection You transform a selection by changing its size and other qualities –Click Edit on the menu bar, point to Transform then select one of the Transform commands

27 Chapter C27Making Selections Flipping a Selection Transform a selection by flipping it (changing its direction): –Click Edit on the menu bar –Point to Transform, then click Flip Horizontal

28 Chapter C28Making Selections Healing Brush Tool Use the Healing Brush Tool on the toolbox to fix imperfections in an image Example of imperfections: –Dirt and scratches in a picture –Wrinkles on a face

29 Chapter C29Making Selections Add a Vignette Effect to a Selection Defining Vignettes A picture or portrait whose border fades into the surrounding color at its edges

30 Chapter C30Making Selections Uses for Vignettes Give an image an old-world appearance Tone down an overwhelming background

31 Chapter C31Making Selections Vignette Characteristics A vignette effect uses feathering to fade a marquee shape The feather setting blurs the area between the selection and the surrounding pixels

32 Chapter C32Making Selections Vignette Example Before Vignette applied to Background After Vignette applied to Background

33 Chapter C33Making Selections Creating a Vignette Use a marquee or lasso tool to create a marquee in an image layer Modify the feather setting to increase the blur effect Add the vignette effect to the layer: –Click Layer on the menu bar –Point to Add Layer Mask –Click Reveal Selection

34 Chapter C34Making Selections Chapter C Tasks Understand selection tools Use Fixed-Form & Freeform selection tools Modify selections Modify a marquee Use the Color Range command and the Magic Wand tool Use the Healing Brush tool Add a vignette to a selection

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