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Students mobility A main goal of Bologna process.

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1 Students mobility A main goal of Bologna process

2 General context Enhancing European Employability Internationalisation of the Labour Market Huge expansion and diversity of higher education Employer expectations for new competences Skills changes Novosibirsk Septembre 10Pierre Bailly2

3 European Higher Education Area Objectives Facilitating mobility of students and graduates Prepared students for working life as active citizens in democratic societies Offer broad access to high-quality higher education, based on democratic principles and academic freedom Virtual and physical mobility: the first one is not a substitute for the latter Novossibirsk Septembre 10Pierre Bailly3

4 Expected common values of the Bachelor/Master qualifications Quality reference of the studies leading to a solid education training Employability as a common sense Interdisciplinary key qualifications Soft skills Academic personal development Novosibirsk Septembre 104Pierre Bailly

5 Why ? Creating a new « European » area of higher education Mobility a central value to the European Higher Education Area Developing employability in an “European market” Novosibirsk Septembre 105Pierre Bailly

6 Strengthen Employability Study programs have to be valid academically and relevant to the labour market Flexibility in curricula and study courses,: diversification, respecting different talents and employment prospects Curricula must meet well defined targets Novosibirsk Septembre 106Pierre Bailly

7 Mobility should be promoted As an educational experience, particularly physical mobility The benefits associated should be publicized. Administrative and structural barriers and obstacles to mobility need to be removed Grants and loans should be made available to students Other suitable incentives to both individuals and institutions. Novosibirsk Septembre 107Pierre Bailly

8 Internationalization policy Crucial importance of teaching staff with international experience Realistic language competences Good information to students in relation to international opportunities Novosibirsk Septembre 108Pierre Bailly

9 Necessary conditions for mobility ECTS both for exchange and for accumulation Diploma Supplement Overcome recognition problems Needs for funding for staff and student mobility Transparent quality assurance mechanisms in all countries Novosibirsk Septembre 109Pierre Bailly

10 Specific measures Part of study programs taught in major world languages Developing educational trade marks and brands European HE institutions have to be perceived as welcoming institutions Competition with other continents through strategic networking Novosibirsk Septembre 1010Pierre Bailly

11 Full implementation of existing systems of recognition ECTS (extended to accumulation and life long learning) Lisbon convention Diploma supplement ENICS and Narics Novosibirsk Septembre 1011Pierre Bailly

12 Reactions The ivory tower university The subordinated university The knowledgeable, reflective university The pro-active university Novosibirsk Septembre 10Pierre Bailly12

13 Thank you for your attention Благодарю вас за внимание

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