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President-elect Orientation Pacific Northwest District Convention August 15, 2008 1.

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1 President-elect Orientation Pacific Northwest District Convention August 15, 2008 1

2  Identify the roles and responsibilities of Optimist Club President  Learn to delegate, motivate and communicate  Understand the connection between growth and service  Plan for a successful year 2

3  Congratulations! ◦ Your fellow Optimist Club members believe in you.  Thank you. ◦ In case they forgot to tell you…they appreciate you. 3

4  Leader  Cheerleader  Friend/Confidante  Motivator  Figurehead  Spokesperson  Chief cook & bottle washer  CEO – Chief Executive Officer of your Club 4

5  Serve as a member of your District’s Board of Directors and represent your club at each District and Zone Meeting  Leader and visionary of your Optimist Club ◦ Find opportunities and inspire others to do more ◦ Preside at meetings ◦ Involve others through delegation  Manage the affairs of your Optimist Club ◦ Be sure club reports are completed by the S/T ◦ Budget conscious 5

6  Take a look at the Organization structure of Optimist International 6

7  Optimist Clubs govern the actions of Optimist International  Optimist Clubs govern District activities  The Club President automatically has a seat on the District Board of Directors  You must be present to participate 7

8 You are a member of the District Board of Directors You are invited to the table 8

9  Manage the affairs of the of your Optimist Club ◦ Learn the rules under which your Optimist Club operates ◦ Participate in preparing the budget  What does your budget look like? ◦ Understand the financial obligations that your club has to Optimist International 9

10  Collaborate with your Club S/T to be sure that reports are completed and filed on time ◦ IRS 990 ◦ CRA –Club Roster Adjustments ◦ Officer-elect report ◦ President’s Pride Report – annual activities report ◦ JOOI reports – if you sponsor a Junior Optimist or Octagon Club ◦ Minutes ◦ Financial Reports ◦ Membership Reports 10

11  What other “affairs” might your club have? ◦ Reporting to or collaborating with other clubs or agencies ◦ Relationships with government or school officials ◦ Helpful media contacts 11

12  Appoint chairpersons and committees ◦ These individuals will lighten your load 12

13  Finding volunteers ◦ Use the Member Interest Finder ◦ Personally ask them to help  Tell them what the position entails:  Time  Resources provided or needed (money, manpower, participants, sponsors, etc.)  If there is a record of what’s been done before  If this is a start-up project, let them know the Board of Directors is behind it  Keep a record for others to follow ◦ Periodically touch base with them to see how they are doing 13

14 14  Three steps to motivating volunteers 1. Satisfy their social needs ◦ Individuals join clubs and organization so they can interact with others - to gain a sense of belonging 2. Provide an avenue for them to accomplish something ◦ Individuals stay involved when they are needed – it boosts their self-esteem 3. Provide recognition and praise ◦ Recognition and praise raises self-esteem to self actualization

15 15

16  The secret to motivating volunteers ◦ Understand their needs ◦ Find a way to meet their needs ◦ Recognize and praise their accomplishments  CAUTION: Be sure the praise fits the level of accomplishment and the personality of the recipient 16

17  Presiding at meetings ◦ Come prepared  Have an agenda  Be hospitable – welcome members and guests ◦ When you are conducting business  Be sure everyone has a chance to be heard  Minutes should be recorded whenever business is conducted  Follow procedure – Robert’s Rules of Order 17

18 18 Should be a good sport

19  Why do we communicate? ◦ Expression of needs or wants ◦ To educate or inform ◦ To indicate choices ◦ Protest or reject the action of others ◦ Social interaction 19

20  How do we communicate? ◦ Verbal ◦ Non-verbal ◦ Written word ◦ Visual images 20

21  Different types of personalities ◦ Leadership Styles and Profiles developed by David Morrison, Past Governor, Leadership Chair 07-08 ◦ Identifies four Colors of Personalities Brown – Builder Green – Planner Blue – Relater Red - Adventurer 21

22  David contends that at any given time, each of us have a different amount of each trait  Our style is constantly changing and so is the style of our listener  The average listener must hear, see or be made aware of something 7 times before they will take action 22

23 23  Public speaking  Written word ◦ Newsletters and bulletins ◦ Email  Other typical media outlets ◦ TV ◦ Radio ◦ Billboards  Web Sites o Blogs o Social Networking  Telephone  Answering machines and cell phones  Interpersonal Communications

24  Please take a few minutes with your Lieutenant Governor to look over the Annual Club Planning Conference  Find out what you need to know when you sit down with your Lt. Governor and your Board of Directors to complete the report 24

25 25 BREAK

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