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MOM Report. Shield Wall – Gone Before During After 2.

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1 MOM Report

2 Shield Wall – Gone Before During After 2

3 D1 - Back in Position M.Ellis - VC124 - 27th August 2009 Willie & team had shield completely removed and upstream beam line restored in less than four days!!!!! 3

4 Upstream Beamline - Tested M.Ellis - VC124 - 27th August 2009 All lights work. All PSUs work. Magnets run at large current for several hours with no problems 4

5 Decay Solenoid - Tested M.Ellis - VC124 - 27th August 2009 48 Hour Soak Test Full Current (870 A) No Problems! Additional checks showed good margin. see MICE News and elog for more. 5

6 Downstream Beamline - Tested 5 hour soak test. Also run with decay solenoid and upstream magnets yesterday. Remaining niggle – PSUs occasionally trip due to lack of water – investigations under way.

7 Target 1 – In ISIS M.Ellis - VC124 - 27th August 20097

8 Target 2 – In R78 M.Ellis - VC124 - 27th August 2009 See Target Talk for Full Details.

9 Issues / Problems  Work has mostly gone very smoothly.  My main concern is over communication.  We are shortly returning to a period of data taking and it has become clear that it is not always easy to find the expert you need when you need them.  It has also been the case that work has been done which should have involved wider consultation (due to the impact on other groups).  This is NOT a call for more meetings, but rather a plea for people to keep everyone “in the loop” as to what they are doing and most importantly, what they plan to do. M.Ellis - VC124 - 27th August 20099

10 Beamline Phone  Based on a successful model used by the tracker team.  A team of people are being trained up to be expert on the complete beam line (target & all magnets).  This team will take it in turns to be on call with a dedicated phone.  The MOM and those on shift will always know that they can call one number and get assistance with whatever they need relating to the beam line. M.Ellis - VC124 - 27th August 200910

11 Next Steps  Powering up GVA1 and TOF0 to ensure they are ready for data taking.  Test of GVA1 with the decay solenoid powered up (small concern about field near one end of the PMT).  Data mover work (Brunel summer student) is progressing nicely.  Clean up of DSA.  Floor work (epoxying) is ongoing.  Complete the commissioning and testing of target 1 (in ISIS) and running of target 2 (in R78).  Finish (and test!) documentation for upcoming runs.  Data taking under the leadership of the next MOM (Linda Coney) with the assistance of Terry (TTT) Tate. M.Ellis - VC124 - 27th August 200911

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