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United Nations.

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1 United Nations

2 Purpose Maintain international peace and security
Develop friendly relations among nations Cooperate in solving: Economic Social Cultural Humanitarian problems Promoting human rights and fundamental freedoms

3 Structure General Assembly Security Council
Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Trusteeship Council International Court of Justice Secretariat

4 Reforming the United Nations
What kind of UN does the world need for the twenty-first century?

5 Streamlined UN World gov’t not necessary, feasible or desirable
Mistrust in gov’t in all forms What happened to national sovereignty International orgs are not gov’t but servants of gov’t No accountability and no power

6 World Government The need for world gov’t is growing
Different interest groups and gov’t look at the world body differently Global forces have weakened the traditional authority of sovereign nation-states. UN needs a serious overhaul to prepare it for the years ahead


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