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Nursing Process Unit III NURS 2210 Nancy Pares, RN, MSN Metro Community College.

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1 Nursing Process Unit III NURS 2210 Nancy Pares, RN, MSN Metro Community College

2 RN Role in developing nursing dx First used in 1953, but not implemented until 1974 Currently five steps – Assessment, diagnosis, outcome identification, implementation, evaluation Emphasis on professionalism, accountability, multiculturalism and scientific method of problem solving

3 Comparison of nursing vs medical model medical Focuses on illness, injury or disease process Remains constant until cured Identifies conditions that can be treated by qualifying healthcare practitioner nursing Focus on responses to actual or potential diseases Changes as client condition changes Identifies situations in which the nurse is qualified to intervene

4 Assessment Step 1 Collection of data, organizing data, validating data, identifying patterns, recording data Primary source Secondary source Subjective vs objective

5 Types of nursing diagnosis Actual – Problem exists Risk – Factors are present to cause problem Possible – Problem could arise unless preventative action taken Wellness – ‘potential for enhanced…’; expressed desire

6 Developing Nursing dx- Step 2 What are the problems? What are causes? Risk factors? Could a problem occur if prevention not taken? What data is needed to answer these questions? If more than one problem…which is priority?

7 Planning- Step 3 List priority of nursing dx – Use critical thinking- what needs attention first? Long and short term goals are written – SMART Specific interventions are developed Plan of care is recorded

8 Implementation- Step 4 Communicate with team to solve complex problems Accurately report data and clues RN needs to know what can be delegated Is there a need to alter the intervention?

9 Evaluation- Step 5 Was the goal met? Why not? – Assessment incomplete – Goal not SMART – Goal not appropriate for individual client

10 Maslow’s Priority of Care Physiologic Safety and security Love and belonging Self esteeem Self actualization

11 The nursing dx, ‘alteration in skin integrity R/T immobility as manifested by Stage 1 pressure ulcer on coccyx ‘ is what type of nursing dx? 1. Risk 2. Possible 3. Wellness 4. Actual

12 Which of the following is an accurate summary of the difference between medical and nursing dx.? 1. Nursing dx determined by med dx 2. Med dx can be treated by nurse 3. Nursing dx reflects a human response to actual problem 4. Only physicians can treat a pathophysiology.

13 Client will ambulate 20 ft with walker twice a day. Which phase of nursing process is this? 1. assessment 2. planning 3. implementing 4. evaluation

14 An example of an independent nursing intervention is: 1. admin IV fluids for client with nutritional impairement 2. turning and repositioning q 2 hr 3. ordering chest xray for client with breathing problem 4. reviewing lab values and reordering tests for abnormal values.

15 Using aseptic techniques, a nurse demonstrates insulin preparation to a client. This is an example of which phase of nursing process?

16 When a task is delegated, the role of the nurse is to 1. validate the skill level of the care provider 2. assume the task was completed as expected 3. allow the care provider independence 4. review care provider notes

17 You determine that the client has not met an expected outcome..What action do you take? 1. call a meeting of team 2. ask the client why the goal was not accomplished 3. call for a nursing consultation 4. review and revise the care plan

18 A nursing audit is used to evaluate 1. the nursing process 2. institutional standards 3. quality of nursing care 4. client outcomes and goal achievement

19 The purpose of evaluation is 1. determine whether problems are resolved 2. determine if the nurse developed outcome criteria for the client 3. select appropriate goals and objectives 4. develop a time frame for completing the nurse client relationship.

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