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The Undergraduate Plan Initiatives in Undergraduate Education Prabhat Hajela Vice Provost & Dean of UG Education.

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1 The Undergraduate Plan Initiatives in Undergraduate Education Prabhat Hajela Vice Provost & Dean of UG Education

2 Overview l The Undergraduate Plan is a set of initiatives that renew our commitment in the Rensselaer Plan to “…an undergraduate experience that surpasses all others…” l The Undergraduate Plan will focus on –An educational experience enriched by research and independent inquiry UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCHUNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH –A breadth of study that prepares students to be good global citizens within the rapidly expanding global workplace INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCESINTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCES –Immersive learning experiences that foster close mentoring relationships between faculty and students, and developed around topics reflecting institutional strengths and goals LIVING AND LEARNING COMMUNITIESLIVING AND LEARNING COMMUNITIES l UNDER-GIRDING INITIATIVES –enhancing academic programs and offerings, academic support services, and world-class instructional facilities

3 Undergraduate Research Experiences l Any major research university must include its undergraduates as active participants in their research enterprise –Develops spirit of inquiry and discovery among students – encourages pursuit of graduate and professional programs –Encourages entrepreneurship –Contributes to building mentoring relationships between faculty and students

4 International Experiences l Emergent global workplace requires a comprehensive education to include exposure to collaborative work or study experience in an international setting

5 International Options to Consider l New programs to enhance international experience –Degree programs with an international emphasis - foreign language courses, international relations coursework, study abroad, and international internships –Summer semester overseas – faculty led courses at select international locations –Technology facilitated virtual interaction with international partners + culminating short term student exchanges l Rensselaer satellite campuses at international locations –Possibilities identified in Presidential trip to Asia l International Co-Op programs –Support from Institute Advancement and Key Executives

6 Living and Learning Communities l Learning community focused around a specific theme –Desirable residential component –Select cohort participate in coursework, seminars, field trips developed around a theme area l Ability to accommodate different learning styles l Opportunity to develop lasting contacts with faculty, staff, and senior students l Theme areas under consideration for Rensselaer –Biotechnology –Electronic Media and Arts –International Affairs and Public Service –Research based learning community

7 Supporting Programs & Infrastructure l Implementation of Undergraduate Plan will require enhanced program offerings, expanding academic support services, and continued development of world-class instructional facilities –Academic Advising –Honors College, Co-Terminal Programs –Pedagogical Innovations and Academic Support and Assessment Practices –Enhanced Physical Facilities l Expanded Summer Programs

8 Honors College l Recognize undergraduate students for research accomplishments or other independent work by admittance to an Honors College –Thesis derived from independent research –Portfolio of artistic work –Business case studies –… l Participation in Honors College multidisciplinary seminar series over a 2 to 3-week pre-Fall semester period –Link to URP and SURP –Develop financial support for student and faculty participation

9 Co-Terminal Programs l Develop options for students to pursue MS degrees as a co-terminal option –Encourage students to seek accelerated graduate degree - working in familiar surroundings with known teachers –Minimal effort to completing graduate school application but high standards for admission –Five years or less for both BS and MS degrees –Leverage undergraduate research to enhance participation

10 Academic Support/Pedagogical Innovations l Rensselaer will continue to innovate in the area of pedagogy, both for our own students as well as a vehicle for more effective outreach –Innovations in UG Education - Anderson Center (CIUE) –Pedagogical Innovations and Outreach (AEM) –Pre-college Outreach (CIPCE) –Collectively establish a national resource for next generation STEM courseware l CIUE to assist faculty in course innovations and development of new instructional tools –Seed grants for new development activities –Course developers to assist faculty with course management tools l Consolidation of activities into a Center for Academic Innovation and Outreach

11 Assessment Practices l Initiative to make assessment of learning outcomes more pervasive across Institute –Skeleton of assessment plan has been shared with Deans –Constitute a standing committee for assessment of learning outcomes across the Institute –A short list of learning outcomes for each course to be listed in all course syllabi l Assessment requirements to be central in new programs, offerings, and developments

12 Enhanced Instructional Facilities l Studio classrooms –Rensselaer has made considerable investments in previous years –Will continue to be examined in the context of changing curriculum l Teaching labs –New initiative to significantly enhance undergraduate teaching laboratories Immediate assessment for safety concernsImmediate assessment for safety concerns Programmatic reviews recommending upgrades to existing facilitiesProgrammatic reviews recommending upgrades to existing facilities Aerospace wind-tunnel facilitiesAerospace wind-tunnel facilities Evolution of curricula and need for entirely new facilitiesEvolution of curricula and need for entirely new facilities l Living and learning spaces

13 Expanded Summer Programs l Expanded program offerings and opportunities will require a more round-the-year campus –Goal - develop robust summer session –Announcement and call for proposals sent from Provost Office –Undergrad Education will coordinate summer offerings l Make available regular credit courses and sports camps/personal and professional development courses –Opportunity for students to accelerate degree objectives Additional incentive to pursue co-terminal programsAdditional incentive to pursue co-terminal programs –Greater flexibility to pursue co-op, internships and study abroad l Other changes in school calendar will be examined

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