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Threaded Case Study ROYAL PALM NETWORK PROJECT John Healy Tom Jamieson

2 Contents Design Goals WAN Design Logical and Physical LAN Design
MDF Equipment Details IDF Equipment Details Equipment Criteria IP Addressing Classroom Layout Wiring Scheme Security VLANS Access Control Lists Conclusions

3 Design Goals To implement an enterprise-wide network for the Washington schools district which will include Local Area Networks (LANs) at each site and a Wide Area Network (WAN) to provide data connectivity between all school sites. All workstations will need Internet access. Functionality is to continue for 7-10 yrs.

4 Design Goals Design considerations will include:
A minimum of 100x (times) growth in the LAN throughput. 2x (times) growth in the WAN core throughput. 10x (times) growth in the District Internet Connection throughput. Only two OSI layer 3&4 protocols will be allowed to be implemented in this network, they are TCP/IP and Novell IPX.

5 Design Goals Two LAN segments will be implemented in each school and the District Office. Cat 5 cable will supply Ethernet speeds at 10base-T, 100base-TX and 100Base-FX. Each room will require support for up to 24 workstations. The minimum requirement for initial implementation design will be 1.0 Mbps to any host computer in the network and 100 Mbps to any server host in the network.

6 WAN Design

7 WAN Design

8 Logical LAN Design

9 Physical LAN Design Fibre CAT 5 MDF IDF

10 MDF Equipment Details PIX Firewall 2 x 24 Port Patchbays 3600 Router
2 x G Switches Administrative Server File Server Uninterruptible Power Supply Application Server Mail Server

11 IDF Equipment Details IDF 7 11 ROOMS 44 PORTS 2 x 2924XL SWITCH IDF 8
EACH IDF ALSO CONTAINS: 1 x 24 or 2x 24 port patchbays as per requirement. Equipment will be housed in a lockable cabinet with a fan tray installed for heat regulation purposes.

12 Equipment Criteria PIX 515E Firewall Security Performance Reliability
Virtual Private Networking Network Address Translation Low cost

13 Equipment Criteria Cisco 3600 Router Modular Design
Analogue and Digital Voice Services Serial Networking Capability Mixed WAN Services

14 Equipment Criteria Cisco 3550 Switch (MDF) Stackable Design IP Routing
Advanced Quality of Service Bandwidth Flexibility Security Access Control Lists VLAN Capability

15 Equipment Criteria Cisco 2900XL Series Switch (IDF) Modular Design
Integrates Seamlessly with Cisco 3550 Switch Advanced Quality of Service Bandwidth Flexibility Polices traffic flows using access control parameters (ACPs) VLAN Capability

16 Equipment Criteria Cisco 112T FastHub
Compatible with 10Mbps and 100Mbps connections Autosensing Feature Internal Bridging Full integration with 2900XL series switches

17 Equipment Requirements
PRODUCT AMOUNT PIX Firewall 1 Cisco 3600 Router Cisco 3550 Switch 2 Cisco 2900XL Switch 10 x 2924XL Switches 2 x 2912XL Switches 112T FastHub 189

18 Wiring Scheme Cabling will be run via the existing data cable ducts connecting buildings and within buildings where supplied. Wiring will also be installed in ceiling spaces and wall cavities. All cabling to comply with local building codes. Cabling from the MDF to all IDFs will be Multimode Fibre pairs Cabling from IDFs to classroom hubs will be Cat5

19 Wiring Scheme MDF to IDF
Wiring type will be 1Gb Multimode Fibre pairs. Fibre was chosen for the following reasons: Max speed Distance required Scalability Resistance to EMF

20 Wiring Scheme IDF to Classrooms
Wiring type will be CAT 5 cable. Max distance is 100m CAT 5 was chosen for: Efficiency and reliability Cost

21 Typical Classroom Layout
Wall Plate 3 x 12 Port Hubs

22 IP Addressing

23 IP Addressing

24 Security Security Implementation: A double firewall will be utilised
The network will be segmented into two LAN infrastructures. One designated ‘Curriculum’ (for student use), and the other ‘Administrative’ (for teacher and administration use). Each LAN will have its own file server. Access Control Lists will prohibit traffic from the Curriculum LAN entering the Administrative LAN A strict password policy will be put in place and rigourously implemented


26 Access Control Lists The purpose of Access Control Lists are:
To reinforce network security To provide basic traffic filtering capabilities Limit access to groups of computers or individual workstations.

27 Access Control Lists ACLs provide security to the networks connected to the router by testing traffic against conditions contained in the ACL. If the conditions are true: The individual packets are sent to their destination from the router interface defined in the ACL configuration. If conditions are not true The packet is discarded.

28 Access Control Lists The students will be denied access to the Administration interface of the router with the ACL. Students will only be allowed to access Curriculum, , and the Internet within the LAN and at the district office. Students will be denied access to the Administration segment of the LAN and Wan networks. Administration will have full access to all segments within the LAN and district office.

29 Conclusions Will be easy to implement and maintain
Places a strong emphasis on security Builds in scalability Protects from future obsolescence by utilising modular hardware Exceed current requirements

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