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Above Average Ability Creativity Task Commitment

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1 Above Average Ability Creativity Task Commitment
Gifted Behavior

2 Characteristics of Above Average Ability
Above Average Ability (General) high levels of abstract thought adaptation to novel situations rapid and accurate retrieval of information

3 Characteristics of Above Average Ability
Above Average Ability (specific) applications of general abilities to specific area of knowledge capacity to sort out relevant from irrelevant information capacity to acquire and use advanced knowledge and strategies while pursuing a problem

4 Characteristics of Creativity
fluency, flexibility, and originality of thought open to new experiences and ideas curious willing to take risks sensitive to aesthetic characteristics

5 Characteristics of Task Commitment
capacity for high levels of interest, enthusiasm hard work and determination in a particular area self-confidence and drive to achieve ability to identify significant problems within an area of study setting high standards for one’s work

6 Clark’s “Differentiating Characteristics of Gifted Students”
Cognitive (Thinking) Characteristics Retention of large quantities of information Advanced comprehension Varied interests and high curiosity High level of language development and verbal ability Unusual capacity for processing information Flexible thought processes Accelerated pace of thought processes Comprehensive synthesis of ideas Early ability to delay closure Ability to see unusual relationships Ability to generate original ideas and solutions Capacity to integrate ideas and disciplines Early differential patterns for thought processing Early ability to use and form conceptual frameworks Evaluative approach towards self and others Unusual intensity Persistent and goal-directed behavior Clark’s “Differentiating Characteristics of Gifted Students”

7 Affective (Feeling) Characteristics
Large accumulation of information about emotions Unusual sensitivity to the feelings of others Keen sense of humor Heightened self awareness, feelings of being different Idealism and sense of justice Inner locus of control Unusual emotional depth and intensity High expectations of self/others Perfectionism Strong need for consistency between values/actions Advanced levels of moral judgment Clark’s “Differentiating Characteristics of Gifted Students”

8 Physical (Sensation) Characteristics
Heightened sensory awareness Unusual discrepancy between physical and intellectual development Low tolerance for lag between their standards and their athletic skills Clark’s “Differentiating Characteristics of Gifted Students”

9 Intuitive Characteristics
Early involvement and concern for intuitive knowing Open to intuitive experiences Creativity apparent in all areas of endeavor Ability to predict Interest in future Clark’s “Differentiating Characteristics of Gifted Students”

10 Societal Characteristics
Strongly motivated by self-actualization needs Advanced capacity for conceptualizing and solving societal problems Leadership Involvement with the meta-needs of society (i.e., justice, truth, beauty) Clark’s “Differentiating Characteristics of Gifted Students”

11 Common Attributes of Giftedness
motivation communication skills well-developed memory insight imagination/creativity advanced ability to deal with symbol systems advanced interests problem-solving ability inquiry reasoning sense of humor (Frasier & Passow, 1994)

12 Social and Emotional Characteristics of Gifted Children Which May Pose Challenges
perceptiveness high involvement and preoccupation; need to understand heightened sensitivity perfectionism uneven integration of intellectual abilities emotional intensity feelings and early awareness of being different asynchronous development of physical, intellectual, social, emotional aspects anxiety caused by advanced knowledge early adolescence (some children, especially highly gifted, may skip the latency stage of development) need for mental stimulation excitability and overexcitability need for precision tendency toward introversion

13 Positive Characteristics of Creativity
aware of their own creativeness original independent willing to take risks energetic curious keen sense of humor attracted to complexity and novelty artistic open-minded need for privacy, alone time perceptive

14 Negative Characteristics of Creativity
questioning rules and authority stubbornness low interest in details forgetfulness carelessness and disorganization with unimportant matters absentmindedness indifference to common conventions tendency to be emotional

15 Characteristics of Gifted Students with Learning Disabilities Characteristics Which Hamper Identification as Gifted Frustration with inability to master certain academic skill Learned helplessness General lack of motivation Disruptive classroom behavior Perfectionism Supersensitivity Failure to complete assignments Lack of organizational skills Demonstration of poor listening and concentration skills Deficiencies Low self-esteem Unrealistic self-expectations Absence of social skills with some peers

16 Characteristics of Gifted Students with Learning Disabilities Characteristic Strengths
Advanced vocabulary use Exceptional analytic abilities High levels of creativity Advanced problem solving skills Good memory Task commitment Spatial abilities Ability to think of divergent ideas and solutions Specific aptitude (artistic, musical, or mechanical) Wide variety of interests

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