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CS211 Data Structures Sami Rollins Fall 2004.

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1 CS211 Data Structures Sami Rollins Fall 2004

2 Introduction Course Website Syllabus Academic Dishonesty Tentative Calendar

3 Administrative Information Class web page

4 Assignments Reading – Chapter 1 Homework 0 – due Monday

5 Computer Hardware Main memory Secondary memory CPU Input devices Output devices

6 Computer Software Operating system –Examples? Applications –Examples? How is a new application developed?

7 Computer Programs At the lowest level – machine instructions –00000111000 One step up – assembly language –ADD A More user friendly – high level languages –C = A + B; –Examples?

8 Translation High level language must be translated into a language the computer can understand High-level Code Compiler Machine Instructions

9 Writing Programs Understand requirements Write an algorithm Implement your algorithm Test your code

10 What is an algorithm? A specific set of instructions An algorithm to make a PBJ sandwich?

11 Hello World /* * Name: Sami Rollins * Source file name: hello.c * My first "hello, world" program in C. */ #include //the main function int main (void) { //print the phrase printf("Hello, world!"); return(0); }

12 Errors You WILL have errors in your programs Syntax Errors –Compiler doesn’t understand code –Ex. – printf(Hello, world!”); –Sometimes error messages don’t match problem Logic –Program runs, but doesn’t do what you want –Ex. – printf(“Hell, world!”); –Can be hard to track down

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