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Accountability 101. State Accountability Federal Accountability # Students Met Standard # Students Tested If the Standard is not met: Apply Required.

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1 Accountability 101


3 State Accountability Federal Accountability # Students Met Standard # Students Tested If the Standard is not met: Apply Required Improvement Recalculate Using TPM Use Exceptions Note: Can use any combination of the three provisions, but can only use one provisions for a single indicator. # Students Met Standard # Students Tested If the Standard is not met: Calculate Performance Improvement/Safe Harbor – Compare Met Standard Rate for 2009 and 2010 (without TPM) – A 10% Reduction of Failures and Meeting the Other Measure for the Group or showing any improvement. Recalculate Using TPM Accountability Calculations

4 All Students African American HispanicWhiteEconomically Disadvantaged Reading/ELAxxxxx Mathematicsxxxxx Writingxxxxx Sciencexxxxx Social Studiesxxxxx Completion Ratexxxxx Dropout Ratexxxxx State Potential Measures - 35 Reviewing and analyzing a State Data Table. [Review a sample data table with the group.]

5 All Students African American HispanicWhiteEco Dis.Special Ed LEP Reading/ELA Performance xxxxxxx Reading/ELA Participation xxxxxxx Mathematics Performance xxxxxxx Mathematics Participation xxxxxxx Graduation/ Attendance x!!!!!! AYP Potential Measures - 29 ! = Used for other measure Reviewing and analyzing an AYP Data Table. [Review a sample data table with the group.]

6 Additional Features for TAKS Measures *Only one feature can be used per measure; however, different features can be used for different measures. **Without TPM State*AYP Required Improvement (RI)** Texas Projection Measure (TPM) Exceptions Provision (EP) Performance Improvement/ Safe Harbor ** Texas Projection Measure (TPM)

7 Performance Indicators Students must have been enrolled the full academic year: snapshot and test date. The scores are summed across grades by subject.

8 Where does it all come from? USDENCLBAYPIDEA

9 Where does it all come from? Texas Education Code State Accountability

10 NCLB IDEA NCLB, IDEA, TEC = TAKS Test All Students Uniform Assessment Reading Mathematics Review Specific Student Groups Review Other Areas Include SWD Cap on Alternate Assessments Additional Accountability: State Performance Plan Ratings Uniform Assessment System: TAKS TAKS (Accommodated) TAKS-Modified TAKS-Alternate All TEKS-Based Differences in Standards

11 AEIS Data Districts and campuses receive AEIS System Reports in November of each year for the prior year’s results. The Accountability Rating System (State Accountability) reviews a subset of AEIS indicators with specific performance standards. School Report Cards, (available on the web through the AEIS site, by year starting with 1997-98) are sent out to parents by their children's schools. These show a subset of the performance, staff, and financial measures in the AEIS reports.

12 Accountability Rating System (State) How does this system work? – Rating Labels Exemplary Recognized Academically Acceptable Academically Unacceptable – 35 Potential Measures Minimum Size Criteria – Other…See Mini-Chart – Information is reported through ‘Data Tables’…. District & Campus

13 Performance Standard Continuum Beyond the All Students, does the indicator’s group size meet minimum size criteria? If yes, was the standard met? If no, was required improvement met? If no, was the standard met with TPM applied? If no, can an ‘Exception’ be applied? – Are there enough exceptions to move the campus to AA? – Was the exception used for the same measure the prior year? If so, it cannot be used again the subsequent year.

14 Students must have been enrolled the ‘full academic year’ –snapshot date (last Friday in October) & test date to be included in accountability measures. This is called the accountability sub-set. Performance Standard Continuum

15 Required Improvement (State) Required Improvement Calculations are applied if the standard is not met. RI = The amount of gain required to reach the standard in two years. Can be used to move from Unacceptable to Acceptable or Acceptable to Recognized. The gain from 2009 must allow the indicator to reach the standard if the gain were repeated the next year. There is no floor when moving to Acceptable. The rating must be within 5 points to move to Recognized. Required Improvement is always reviewed first. If it cannot increase the indicator rating, TPM is applied, followed by Exceptions, if applicable.

16 Texas Projection Measure (TPM) Identifies if student is projected to pass next high stakes test at 5 th, 8 th or 11 th grade. Only available for students in grades 3-10 who: Test on TAKS, TAKS-Acc, TAKS-LAT Have scored results this year for both Reading and Math Test in the same language TPM is not available for: 7 th Grade Writing 8 th Grade Science (2009 only, available in 2010) All 11 th Grade Subjects TPM can increase the campus rating to Acceptable, Recognized or Exemplary. If applying TPM does not raise the indicator rating, Exceptions are reviewed, if applicable.

17 Exceptions Academically Acceptable AND RecognizedExemplary Performance Floor: Academically Acceptable – 5 points for all subjects. Recognized – The measure must be no more than 5 percentage points below the Recognized standard for all subjects. Performance Floor: The measure must be no more than 5 percentage points below the Exemplary standard for all subjects # of measures# of exceptions# of measures# of exceptions 1-401-90 5-81≥ 101 9-112 12-153 ≥ 164 Exceptions may not be used for the same indicator two consecutive years.

18 ‘Passing & Preparedness’ 2100 Scale Score – Passing Standard 2200 Scale Score – Higher Education Readiness Component (HERC) 2400 Scale Score – Commended Performance

19 Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) Federal System which incorporates our state assessments, plus graduation, attendance, and participation.

20 AYP Standards & Comparison to State Standards Across Years 2007-20082008-20092009-20102010- 11 2011- 12 2012- 13 2013- 14 StateAYPStateAYPStateAYP Reading/ ELA 706070677073808793100 Mathematics 50 55586067758392100

21 Calculations Participation of all students enrolled on the day of testing (plus make-ups) Participation Students enrolled the full academic year Snapshot + Test Date Performance

22 Meet the Absolute Standard Reading/ELA – 67% Mathematics – 58% OR Meet Performance Improvement/Safe Harbor a 10 percent decrease in the percent counted as not proficient from the prior year – AND – meet the absolute standard or show any improvement on the other indicator.

23 Minimum Size Criteria Performance ‘All Students’ is Evaluated Students Groups: 50/10%/200 Participation ‘All Students’ – District or Campus must have 40 students Student Groups: 50/10%/200 Other Measure Graduation – 40 students in the class Attendance – 7,200 days (40 students x 180 days)

24 Other AYP Information TAKS (Accommodated) is combined with the TAKS results TAKS-M is used for performance (with a 2% cap) TAKS-Alt is used for performance (with a 1% cap)


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