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Muncie Community Schools and Ball State University Partnership.

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1 Muncie Community Schools and Ball State University Partnership

2 How did our partnership begin? Muncie Community Schools (MCS) has been meeting with Ball State University’s (BSU) Fisher Institute for Wellness and Gerontology faculty members for over two (2) years.

3 Initial Objectives for this Partnership As a school corporation, MCS was looking for a resource that would help them establish wellness initiatives for both students and employees.

4 MCS Wellness Committees MCS has two (2) separate wellness committees. One (1) for the students and another for employees.

5 MCS Obstacles MCS does not have a person who has dedicated time to devote to wellness initiatives for both their students and employees.

6 MCS Obstacles MCS was looking to BSU for ideas on wellness initiatives that would be easy to implement and beneficial to our students and employees.

7 MCS Obstacles MCS has twenty (20) different buildings for students and employees; and therefore, logistics in implementing programs was needed.

8 2005/2006 Employee Program

9 “Passport: Roundtrip to Health” The first wellness initiative that MCS implemented with the help of BSU was the “Passport: Roundtrip to Health Program.”

10 “Passport: Roundtrip to Health” BSU researched this program and offered local corporations the opportunity to use it. All materials needed to implement this program were provided by BSU.

11 “Passport: Roundtrip to Health” BSU offered support with the implementation and overall administration of the program.

12 “Passport: Roundtrip to Health” This program was free to all employees and participation was much higher than originally expected.

13 MCS – Lead up Activities Leading up to implementing the “Passport: Roundtrip to Health,” MCS offered a corporate health fair.

14 MCS – Lead up Activities In addition, at all twenty (20) buildings, employees were given the opportunity to complete a Health Risk Assessment and the following screenings: blood/sugar, BMI, cholesterol and blood pressure.

15 Next Steps

16 Future Initiatives MCS would like to grow the partnership with the BSU Fisher Institute for Wellness and Gerontology.

17 Future Initiatives MCS is looking for resources to help coordinate wellness initiatives and programs at no cost.

18 Future Initiatives MCS would like assistance in assessing the current wellness initiatives in each of our schools so that wellness issues unique to a particular building can be addressed along with the total corporate picture.

19 Future Initiatives MCS is in need of assistance with writing grants for wellness programs.

20 Future Initiatives It is our hope that BSU will share other school corporations’ wellness initiatives and ideas with the Muncie Community Schools.

21 MCS values the partnership with BSU!

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