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The MOS Cascode (Cascaded Cathode)

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1 The MOS Cascode (Cascaded Cathode)
CG CS sedr42021_0636a.jpg Figure (a) The MOS cascode amplifier. (b) The circuit prepared for small-signal analysis with various input and output resistances indicated. (c) The cascode with the output open-circuited.

2 Figure (a and b) Two equivalent circuits for the output of the cascode amplifier. Either circuit can be used to determine the gain Av = vo/vi, which is equal to Gv because Rin = ¥ and thus vi = vsig.

3 A Cascode Current Source
sedr42021_0643.jpg Figure A cascode current-source.

4 Double Cascoding sedr42021_0644.jpg Figure Double cascoding.

5 The Folded Cascode sedr42021_0645.jpg Figure The folded cascode.

6 Cascode MOS Mirrors sedr42021_0658.jpg
Figure A cascode MOS current mirror.

7 The Wilson MOS Mirror sedr42021_0661a.jpg
Figure The Wilson MOS mirror: (a) circuit; (b) analysis to determine output resistance; and (c) modified circuit.

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