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中央大學。范錚強 1 Chapter 8: 移動商務 M-Commerce 國立中央大學、資訊管理系 范錚強 Tel: (03)426-7250 2010.05.

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Presentation on theme: "中央大學。范錚強 1 Chapter 8: 移動商務 M-Commerce 國立中央大學、資訊管理系 范錚強 Tel: (03)426-7250 2010.05."— Presentation transcript:

1 中央大學。范錚強 1 Chapter 8: 移動商務 M-Commerce 國立中央大學、資訊管理系 范錚強 Tel: (03)426-7250 2010.05

2 中央大學。范錚強 2 M-Commerce Mobile Commerce (m-commerce, m- business) Any business activity conducted over a wireless telecommunications network or from mobile devices

3 中央大學。范錚強 3 Attributes of M-commerce Ubiquity Convenience Interactivity Personalization Localization

4 中央大學。范錚強 4 Copyright © 2010 Pearson Education, Inc. M-Commerce Landscape Exh 8.1

5 中央大學。范錚強 5 Drivers of M-commerce Widespread availability of more powerful mobile devices The handset culture The service economy Vendor’s push The mobile workforce Increased mobility Improved price/performance Improving bandwidth

6 中央大學。范錚強 6 Wireless Mobile Computing (Mobile Computing) Computing that connects a mobile device to a network or another computing device, anytime, anywhere

7 中央大學。范錚強 7 Mobile Devices Mobile computers Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) A stand-alone handheld computer principally used for personal information management Smartphone A mobile phone with PC-like capabilities

8 中央大學。范錚強 8 Mobile Computing Software and Services Messaging Services Short message service (SMS) A service that supports the sending and receiving of short text messages on mobile phones Multimedia messaging service (MMS) The emerging generation of wireless messaging; MMS is able to deliver rich media

9 中央大學。范錚強 9 Wireless Telecommunications Networks Personal Area Network (PAN) A wireless telecommunications network for device-to- device connections within a very short range Bluetooth A set of telecommunications standards that enables wireless devices to communicate with each other over short distances NFC: Near Field Communications Hand held device with a RFID tag/reader capabilities

10 中央大學。范錚強 10 Wireless local area network (WLAN) A telecommunications network that enables users to make short-range wireless connections to the Internet or another network Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity) The common name used to describe the IEEE 802.11 standard used on most WLANs WLAN

11 中央大學。范錚強 11 Copyright © 2010 Pearson Education, Inc.

12 中央大學。范錚強 12 Copyright © 2010 Pearson Education, Inc. WiMax A wireless standard (IEEE 802.16) for making broadband network connections over a medium-size area such as a city Wireless wide area network (WWAN) A telecommunications network that offers wireless coverage over a large geographical area, typically over a cellular phone network 8-12 WWAN

13 中央大學。范錚強 13 Location-based M-commerce (L-commerce) Delivery of m-commerce transactions to individuals in a specific location, at a specific time The services provided through location-based m- commerce focus on five key factors: 1.Location 2.Navigation 3.Tracking 4.Mapping 5.Timing

14 中央大學。范錚強 14 L-commerce Infrastructure Mobile devices Communication network Positioning component Service or application provider Data or content provider

15 中央大學。范錚強 15 Positioning Components network-based positioning Relies on base stations to find the location of a mobile device sending a signal or sensed by the network terminal-based positioning Calculating the location of a mobile device from signals sent by the device to base stations global positioning system (GPS) A worldwide satellite-based tracking system that enables users to determine their position anywhere on the earth Assisted GPS (AGPS) Assisted GPS 可以除了用衛星定位外, 還可以其他網路設備來定位, 例如用通訊基地台

16 中央大學。范錚強 16 Location-Based Data Locating Navigating Searching Identifying Event checking geographical information system (GIS) A computer system capable of integrating, storing, editing, analyzing, sharing, and displaying geographically-referenced (spatial) information

17 中央大學。范錚強 17

18 中央大學。范錚強 18 Barriers to Location-based M- commerce Lack of GPS in mobile phones Accuracy of devices The cost–benefit justification Limited network bandwidth Invasion of privacy

19 中央大學。范錚強 19

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