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Teaching the Multi-Paragraph Essay: Jane Schaffer Writing.

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1 Teaching the Multi-Paragraph Essay: Jane Schaffer Writing

2 Jane Schaffer Background Jane Schaffer Curriculum materials for novels, composition and mythology can be found at: Jane Schaffer Publications offers tested and proven curriculum materials for composition and literature. The guides have been successful in grades 7 through 12, at all ability levels.

3 Essay – a piece of writing that gives thoughts (commentary) about a subject. Types of writing include : CLASSIFICATORY CLASSIFICATORY: To Inform PERSUASIVE PERSUASIVE:To Persuade DESCRIPTIVE DESCRIPTIVE:To Describe Jane Schaffer Terminology

4 Essays must be a minimum of 4 paragraphs including the following parts: I: Intro 40+ words II: 1 st body paragraph (100 + words) III: 2 nd body paragraph (100 + words) IV: Concluding paragraph 40+ words)

5 Overview: Steps in the Writing Process: 1.Pre-Writing 2. Shaping the Essay 3. First Draft 4. Peer Response 5. Revision 6. Final Draft Jane Schaffer Terminology

6 PartsoftheEssay: 1.Introductory Paragraph 2. Thesis 3. Body Paragraph 4. Topic Sentence 5. Concrete Detail 6. Commentary 7. Chunk 8. Concluding Sentence 9. Conclusion Paragraph Jane Schaffer Terminology

7 Thesis – a sentence with a subject and opinion. Often appears at the end of introductory paragraph. (#2) Jane Schaffer Terminology

8 Pre-writing – Pre-writing – the process of getting concrete Details on paper before organizing paragraphs.

9 SUMMER TIME Prewriting - Bubble Clusters Daily Routine Jane Schaffer Writing Vacation Time with Siblings Family BBQ Pleasure Reading Movies Stay up Late

10 Prewriting - SPIDER Clusters Jane Schaffer Writing Time with Siblings BBQ Vacation Family SUMMER TIME Daily Routine Stay up Late and sleep in MoviesPleasure Reading

11 Prewriting - Outline II. Setting it Up A. Tried to Read the Manual A. Tried to Read the Manual B. Friend came into Teach B. Friend came into Teach Jane Schaffer Writing I. Picking One Out I. Picking One Out A. Comparison Shopping A. Comparison Shopping B. Talking to Sales persons B. Talking to Sales persons Getting A Computer

12 ALIKE DIFFERENT Prewriting - Columns TWO CHARACTERS Jane Schaffer Writing 1. 2. 3. 1. 2. 3.

13 ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES Prewriting - Columns BEING FAMOUS Jane Schaffer Writing 1. 2. 3. 1. 2. 3.

14 Prewriting - Columns 1. MY TWO BEST FRIENDS 2. CHERYLJOE Known since first grade Have four classes together 3. Lives down the street. Take martial arts class with Jane Schaffer Writing

15 Ratio the ration of the ration of 1 part concrete detail (CD) and 2 parts commentary (CM) CD : CM 1 : 2

16 Jane Schaffer Terminology Introduction – the first paragraph in an essay. It includes the thesis, most often at the end. (#1)

17 Jane Schaffer Terminology a middle paragraph in an essay used to develop a point and support the thesis. (#3)

18 Shaping the Essay done after the prewriting and before the first draft of an essay. Shaping the Essay done after the prewriting and before the first draft of an essay. Jane Schaffer Writing Its an OUTLINE of a THESIS, TS, CD, CM ideas (#2 top)

19 Topic Sentence the first sentence in a body paragraph. (#4) Jane Schaffer Writing

20 Concrete Details (#5) ExamplesFactsDetails SpecificsStatisticsIllustrations

21 Jane Schaffer Writing Commentary (#6) OpinionsSupportingsentencesExplanation

22 Chunk ONE Concrete Detail (CD) and and TWO Commentary (CM). (#7) Jane Schaffer Writing

23 PRACTICE: Sentence 1: (TS) The walls in this room are dull and boring. Sentence 2: (CD) For example, Ms. Yen only has about 4 posters in her room. Sentence 3: (CM) This proves that the walls reflect Ms. Yens uncreative personality. Sentence 4: (CM) Both Ms. Yen and her room are plain and unexciting.

24 Jane Schaffer Writing PRACTICE: Sentence 1: (TS) Shirley Jackson uses mood and tone to provide suspense in her short stories. Sentence 2: (CD) For example, she uses an ordinary tone in The Lottery. Sentence 3: (CM) This shows that Jackson is successful in making her readers feel shock at the end of her stories. Sentence 4: (CM) She is a great at writing short stories.

25 Jane Schaffer Writing PRACTICE: One body Paragraph Sentence 1: (TS) Ms. Yen is a great teacher. Sentence 2: (CD): For example, she posts our grades frequently. Sentence 3: (CM) She obviously cares for her students. Sentence 4: (CM) She wants all her students to succeed. Sentence 5: (CD) Another example, Ms. Yen tries and makes time for her students. Sentence 6: (CM: She is understanding and kind Sentence 7: (CM) Ms. Yen loves all her students. Sentence 8: (CS) There should be more teachers like Ms. Yen.

26 Jane Schaffer Writing Concluding Sentence - the last sentence in a body paragraph. (#8) ALL COMMENTARY DOES Not include KEYWORDS from the paragraph Gives a finished feeling to the paragraph

27 Jane Schaffer Terminology Concluding Paragraph – may sum up ideas, reflect on what was said in the essay, give more commentary, or a personal statement about the subject. (#9) ALL COMMENTARY Does Not Repeat Keywords From The Paper Or Intro. Gives A Finished Feeling To The Essay

28 Jane Schaffer Writing BODY PARAGRAPH SAMPLE TS = Topic Sentence CD = Concrete Detail CM = Commentary <-- Chunk Cm = Commentary CD = Concrete Detail CM = Commentary <-- Chunk Cm = Commentary CS = Closing Sentence

29 Jane Schaffer Writing n many of the same factors which affect the writer also affect the audience n age n social class n education AUDIENCE

30 PEER RESPONSE Jane Schaffer Writing

31 Essay Scoring Guide A – Brilliant/Excellent Format includes excellent concrete detail Format includes insightful commentary Find corrections Organization is clear and logical Very few, if any mechanical errors Excellent sentence variety Correct and skillful use of transitions Repeats little or not at all

32 Jane Schaffer Writing n Title n Introduction –Thesis statement n Body Paragraphs –TS –CD –CM –CD –CM –CS n Conclusion

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